Monday, October 3, 2011


So much is going on...

I am trying to disconnect from all my social networks and trying to refocus on getting a job and family. I have been distracted. Since graduating i have felt useless and worthless. I have to find a place i feel i belong again...

also breaking up with Jenn if that is possible... I am doing my usual asshole move so its easy for her to walk away. I mean its not like we are even going out, but she still might be my longest relationship.... Just wanna see her happy and i can make her happy... Its sooo hard to do.

Trying to get all my affairs in order just incase i find a job out of state or country...

Saturday, October 1, 2011

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Jan 31, 2009
i cant handle the games
Current mood:frustrated

yeah, so what did i do? last couple days have been rough. i cant handle this kinda stuff. i guess i need to talk bout it with ya cuz u say there is nothing wrong but there is. is it cuz i say u cant drink anymore? i just dont have a clue. i truely like being with u and talking to u and spending time with u. but u drew the line and i am trying to respect it. i want more than u are willing to give i understand and thats ok i just cant handle the games.

Dec 11, 2008
h.i f eel gsoook gkood

whx dmnt we drhnkt more kike we ure 2! I misr u pinchd! N onewamts 2 drinj w.gth me lhke u! Im gohng to gohn the coprs agiam. Hll b gsgtmager feklhins mam! I ned2 go ruwn

Oct 23, 2008
Where 2 start?
Current mood:lonely

Yeah so i am sure i got tons to talk bout but i am only goin to hit the high, and low times.

SO the last time i blogged was the day my sis havd the baby. Everything went well and we now have a happy and healthy new poop machine in the family. Damn all thoose kids , I USE TO BE THE CUTE BABY! Just kidding, i love them todeath and wouldnt know what i would do without them.

I spent the summer unemployed, having quit Target and since i cant substitute during thr summer without a teachers cert i was f'ed. I played alotta cards and did yard work for a lil cash. All in all it blew balls and i couldnt wait for school to start again.

The biggest thing to happen was my grandmother passed away 2 weeks ago. She lost her battle with cancer when it spread to her brain. It was a slow painful last 3 weeks, but it was for the best. It had been a long time since i had lost anyone, nearly 7 or 8 yrs. I took it hard, but know its better now, i will miss her verymuch.

I also pulled a muscle in my back 3 weeks ago playing golf and have had NO comfort since. I had been playin a lot of golf with Mouton and playin very well to boot! But i did something wrong and on the first drive i felt a twang in my back, i finised the round but prolly shouldnt of. I havent done shit since, cant bowl, golf, play any sport or play with the kids. Its hell gittin up and down the stairs at work and at home. (3rd floor) So i am going tomorrow to see a homeopath. I dont know what i am going to do, massage chiroprcatic adjustment or acupuncture, but i need SOMETHIG done! Its taking me 30 minutes to dress in the morning cuz i cant bend over to put on my pants socks or shoes. I am so miserable. Itd be nice to have some help.

SO yeah thats whats goin on, theres more, but i dont want to whine and bitch and throw a pitty party, so thats whte haps on the craps.... The reason i wrote this was cuz i the weather is so nice outside i wanted to say, "It sure would be nice to have someone to sit out on the patio under a blanket with tonite and enjoy the change of season...."

I need to get drunk...take it sleazy......


Apr 7, 2008
Current mood:stressed

Kaylee has a stinky diaper and kiera wants her daddy...

Dawna is is labor out in new braunsfels, so kevin and mom are out there too. I DONT WANT TO CHANGE THE POOPY DIAPER!

Man i hope miss linda gets here soon....



you could have called me i've been in town all morn and i would have helped you! ya know i've got a baby too and i think i could have done the diaper for you . oh well, i 'm sending your sister many happy blessings!
Reply3 years ago

get over it, uncle bubba
Reply3 years ago

Stephanie Davenport
Balking at a poopy diaper? I thought you saw worse when you were a Marine!
Reply3 years ago

Sandra Sanchez
You know it is usually just easier to change the diaper than to sit and smell tends to get grosser as it me!
Reply(1)3 years ago

Justin Sadler
noted and i was in the midsts of changing it when i was rescued by miss linda
3 years ago

Feb 10, 2008
I am sleepy... this IS a good thing
Current mood:sleepy

Alighty then, where do i begin? I guess blurting will work....

I moved out "on my own", jason has been in the hospitol scarin the shit outta us, but looks like he will be out monday doin good, work is suckin multiple repulsive animal gonads and looks like i will continue ths way, i am snoopin and poopin out new jobby jobs but nuttin to serious, i have had insomnia for the better part of 2 weeks and not i dont know what it is and if i did i would be able to fix it, i have had a couple leads in the amore area but all have turned south, my sister is due in april and i will take him on as my apprentice, jamus...well jamus always has news that surprises, jeremy has embraced gay biker inner child and galavants around town on an electic moped in an outfit he escribes as a "onesie", dude git the kidney back yer turnin pink, i fell off the wagon the other nite after 5 yrs, in my defense i had been awake for 36 hours and wanted so badly to slep i figured gittin drunk would help me pass out, it worked...

ok so thats just some of the shit thats been goin on. I have go to go shower and shave for work in the mornin...take it sleazy yall


you gotta fill me in.
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Feb 9, 2008
h e l p
Current mood:numb

i can sleep, its been 36 hours so much goin on so much o talk bout but all of it is in brain blender...maybe after sleep udpates will be better. 05:44
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i will bring you ambien
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Aug 4, 2007
Current mood:lonely

Yeah so Ft Worth SUCKS nutz. I swear. I drove around all day yesterday and today between bowling and all i see are churches. Shit man this place is crazy. Anyways... The hotel i booked online was a hell hole! I swear to god my room smelled like a litter box that had been used as a cigars ashtry. I checked in and went straight t othe bowlin alley friday nite so when i got back and finally went into my room i was pissed and sick. I went to the office and gestured to the guy inside the office cuz it was very apparent that he spoke very little English. I tryed to bribe him with some curry and then threatend to knock the dot off his face. He finally pointed to a sign on the wall that said that if you are not pleased with your room you have 10 minutes to get a refund. 10 fuckin minutes....He finally called the manager who walked into the office from his room apparently in his boxers and robe. I wanted to laff and yack at the sametime. There was no way i was going to argue with a foreigner in his boxers. I left and went to my new hotel. The new place is a little pricey, but its f'n nice!

SO the bowling......The worst part is the manager of this ally is the same manager i worked for when i worked for the bowlin ally back in High School. The guy is a total cock. Not like a cool cock that people kinda like, but a total dick wed. The bowling ally kinda sucks too. The lane conditions have been very crazy. I kinda expected it, but its like they let the locals know what the shot was goin to be cuz th locals are shootin good. I aint shootin too bad, but i wish i was doin better. Last nites scrambler i shot a 693 scratch, this mornings doubles i shot a 703, this afternoons team i stayed clean with 6 X's and 7 /'s, and in the no tap tonite i shot an 834. I had a problem early in the no tap game, they put against the same guy 3 or 4 brackets. Thats sucked balls i was pissed, i told them shit was fucked up, but to leave it, cuz i would just win in the other 5. I got lucky, another guy screwed up the brackests and they ended up givin all the money back. Tomorrow morning in the Tournament of Champions, and then i am headed home.


Stephanie Davenport
Hmmm, you know I have your name tag from when you were working at the bowling alley. I have the bowling pin too. You know the one I dressed in a kimino!
Reply4 years ago

Jeremy Duncan
You should really get a bowling buddy, man...

I am sure we all could have done without the derogatory remarks...
Reply4 years ago

Jul 14, 2007
Chip off the old block?
Current mood:pissed off

So my dad is a fucking ASSHOLE....

Yeah he's my role model and everything i ever hope to be, but FUCK-N-A!

The hot water heater started leaking. I asked him if he wanted to fix it today or let it drip in a pan and fix it tomorrow when i git off work, he said tonite. I said FUCK in my mind cuz i got to git up at 2 am on sundays. Yeah so he starts putterin around and busts the fuckin drain valve off. SHIT the garage is fuckin flooded i am runnin round tryin to unplug everything. As hes sittin there cussin and tryin to plug the hole with a wine cork i suggest the wet dry vac...yeah imagine that. After the third suggestion he finally lets works of course.

Long story short, the garage is wet ( its carpeted in case yer wonderin why a wet garage is a problem ) and we got the new heater in. Its 11:05 and i got to be up in like 3 and half hours.

Worst of all i am starvin now. I got some noodles in the mircowave and writin this shit. Damnit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ya know i wouldnt work for him for a 6 figure salery...fuck that shit, i dont know how Robert has worked for him for over 20 yrs....

ok its food and nap time, take it sleazy bitches


Sandra Sanchez
Sorry you had a tough night. I think your personalities just don't mesh for a working relationship. Obviously this other guy is much less anal! :)
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May 3, 2007
So i Had a dream the other day....

Dane Cook was yelling at me that when Han and Leia Solo show up to the the bowling ally i need to make sure they get a LARGE, and he repeated Large in the way only the Dane can, bucket of chicken, spicey...Yeah then some other shit happened and i was at Rons Place in Yuma with my Pinche. Yazzie wasnt there, but thats ok....cuz my PINCHE found me. Damn i have been lookin for her for a couple yrs now....Well anyways life is good. 22:31

Mar 20, 2007
B Day BJ
Current mood:lonely

Yeah well it didnt happen this year either....maybe next year. . . 22:54

Sandra Sanchez
wow, at least your honest about what you want...hopefully you didn't ask your parents for it!

Reply4 years ago

i forgot to call you, but to celebrate your birthday i went to target and bought the popcorn combo. yes, i enjoyed a popcorn and a coke for your birthday.

Reply4 years ago

Sorry about the BJ..
But even sorrier that I totally forgot it was your birthday!/! So sorry. but happy belated anyways...i've been running around like crazy over here. Sucks. Im ready for some quiet!

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Dec 11, 2006
I know what you face is Killin me too
Current mood:stressed

The last week has been a blur...i friggin blur i say. I got off work last week Sunday afternoon and headed over to Main Street Bar to play some cards. It was cool and wet, but i was bundled up so i figured i would be ok, plus i have been takin my vit C. When i woke up the next mornin i KNEW i was gittin sick. Sure nuff by that nite i was down. I was supposed to go to Houston Wednesday for Kaylee's adoption but that didnt happen. I was supposed to work fri sat and sunday but that didnt happen either, plus school too. I have been doped up on cold meds since then and cant believe its already monday! I have finals this week and sure not ready. I have a 10 page research paper that was due last friday i got to finish by wednesday. I have graduation and grad practice thursday and friday. Jason is leaving for Iraq 2morrow. Christmas is 2 weeks away. i am waiting for a call back from judson bout subing.

i am not ready for all this...but i am ready for all of it to be over.

So christmas is coming and i dont feel the "spirit". Nothing new really i have never really been into it, but its espescially bad this year it seems. maybe cuz i am so busy...i dont know. No Jeremy its not cuz i am alone...I am ALWAYS alone!!! Maybe it is, but i will never tell.

Shannon is in town a gain for a few days to say good bye to her brother. We went to the chachos tonite and had fine melted cheese and and a myraid of suaces con guack. Its always fun when she comes in. Although she asks the hard and uncomfortable questions its worth havin her around. She says she will be back next month so that will be kewl.

Kaylee is offically ours. and she is my bug. kiera is my pudge or tank and kaylee is my bug. she has the prettiest smile and is goin to me a girlie girl. Shes goin on 8 months, i cant wait till they are both outta diapers so i can baby sit. cuz I dont do diapers. thats womens work! They are both jewels. just look at the lil slide shows i made, we are so lucky.

I cant think of anything else to say. I didnt write bout alot of stuff like my 10 yr reunion, my crazy ass education teacher or the kine club at school, and all the other things that have happened since the last i wrote, but its real hit and miss on here. I wish i wrote more....but know i wont.

Well thats it for now. Tlak to yall laterz


Jeremy Duncan
I can see you are managing your time well by writing blogs about how busy you are... Sounds like someone is procrastinating. Silly, silly, round man...
Reply4 years ago

You know I was sympathizing all the way down until the part about the boo!
nah. you know i don't hold a grudge...well maybe one....starts w/a d and ends with an opp....anyways..
Hope ya get better soon!
And congrats on the lil ones

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Sep 2, 2006
The down low....
Current mood:tired

Been a while. Aolt has been happenin, just nothin too worthwhile.

1. The job is goin good i suppose. I cant complain, they work with my schedule and they pay pretty ok. The work isnt too hard and the people arent half bad. Plus there is lots of good lookin trim in and out all day.

2. School started up again last week. I am takin golf, Intro to Kinesiology, Multicultureal Education, American Lit, and Geology. I will be graduating this semester from the community college so i have my feelers out right now for scholarships. I am hopin for the A&M community, but TX State and UTSA are viable options. i am still toying around with the idea of taking next semester off and substitute teaching and workin nites at target to save up money. My dad doesnt like this idea nd says he will pay for the school, if i just go. Its hard to take the money...and advice?

3. Life in general is ok. I stay very busy so that leave little time to sit around feelin sorry for myself, so thats good. I am still playin poker when i can. Come on out and play if ya aint got anything to do. Bowling started back up last week. I am establishing with a 202 avg. I am also playin racquetball again. God i am gittin old! 2 hours of racquetball and i was sore for 2 days. Anyways i am losin weight slowly. Still thinkin bout goinin the Air Force Reserves. Its another 300 dollars a month on the GI Bill plus Drill pay, so that would be gravey yo.... My neices came into town yesterday. Wow they are growin so fast. I wish i got to see them more often. My pudge is nearly 3 foot tall and 35 pounds and she aint even 2! Ant my wiggles is finally startin to git a personality. Her Christening is next month and the adoption should be finalized in Oct or Dec. My folks health is always a yo-yo. Some good days some bad.

Well thats all for now. I will try to keep a lil better track thru out the semester. For all those readin drop me a line and let me know whats up with yall...take it sleazy


Sandra Sanchez
Once you take time off from school it is sometimes hard to get back into the swing of it once you go back...don't get off track!
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Jul 27, 2006
Current mood:numb

Yeah so its been a long hile since i wrote and well not much really exciting to say...

I finished the first summer semester, all A's and took the second off. There were no classes that i needed i went and got a jobby job. Thats right. I am now a team member at Target. They let me carry a walkie talkie and laser gun...Well laser gun sounds cooler than a PDT...anyways it just tells you info from the bar code. I have been workin a lot, last week was bout 37 hours so its keepin me busy. I dont really like it, its way boring, but its a job and its payin. And since my computer died, insurance is due, plates and inspection are due and tuition are due next month....i need the flow.

So next semester starts the end of august. It will be my graduating semester. AA of education, but its a degree of sorts. I am plannin on takin next semester off and just substitute teachin and workin at target to earn some green for the university. not too sure where i am headin but it will it will either be A&M San Antonio, or Texas State. Just recently A&M Kingsville and A&M Corpus just entered the running.

So yesterday we went down to the coast to go out on Texas Treasures. Its one of those gamblin ships. It was awesome! I won $230. I was hopin that everyone would want to stick around for the late cruise too, but they all lost so we took off. Damn man if i went to school down on the coast i could SOOOO git a job dealin cards! and playin too i am sure, but the tips are way fat for the dealers so that rocks. Damn i need to look into that shit. The only suck ass part is bein away from the folks and not bein able to take care of them like i do now. Suggestions? Anyone?

Well anyways thats all for now....take it sleazy bitches and Jason yer a putz...everyone leave a comment on why they think Jason is a putz....


alright kenny rogers, i don't know if your gamblin' on the water dream can come to fruition if you still want to be near the 'rents & the babies. i do think that you can go up to san marcus on the weekends with a tube, jug of moonshine, and a deck of cards and get the same effect. that might be satisfactory. calculate that one. as for j-slacks........i am sure he would love to tag along on the excursions to play cards with you in exchange for free moonshine and toothless locals.
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May 2, 2006
The Cockblock Royale
Current mood:lonely

So day three was last friday, no school it was battle of flowers. She made a bunch of food and bought a bunch of booze and took it up to where her hubby works so that they could party after work i guess. Anyways we meet up at Jims and as soon as we git there the flirting steps up a notch. Really it didnt have anywhere to go but up after what she said yesterday. We ordered some food as we talked over this and that. She ordered a grilled cheese and fries and i ordered biscuets and gravy. She worked the pickle till i couldnt stand it, evil...pure evil. She kept askin for my sausage(out of my gravy, but just to hear it was mmmmmm). It was a very arrousing lunch. Well since we ate she needed a cig so we took a break as she smoked and just flirted. She was wearing a top that would open up to show her bra if she wanted it to. It was a big tease.I repeatedly said that i could NOT do this because she was married and with that she took off her wedding rings and put them on my pinky, somehow this made things easier for me...i dont know why. I wore the rings the rest of the day. Anyways She asked if we could just leave, go somewhere anywhere and be alone. I told her that we needed to cover this so she would pass and she finally gave in. We started on math and then i felt it. She started playin footsie with me, then rubbin my leg with hers and worked her way up to my crotch. Yeah thats what i was sayin...its Jims in the smoking section during lunch....I didnt stop her and she didnt seem to mind.

So let me stop her and ask you, "Who is the biggest Cock Block you know?" No i know most of yall will say Jason and that may be true that he is the single biggest cock block, but there is an entity much larger and able to block like the pimp hand of the lord. As i sat there gittin my junk stroked by her feet under a table at Jims, my MOTHER walks in with her friends from the Red Hat Ladies....She gives me a HUG as i am being fondled....i was speechless to say the least. This did NOT stop my friend from her playing. SO i try to git back on to math as i am bein rubbed by ole girl talked to my my mother and laffed at by the guy across the way who see EVERYTHING, and keeps shoutin at me, BREATHE MAN or TAKE A BREATH....YER TURNING RED MAN. She asks one more time if we can leave i fianlly agree, but the time table just didnt work out. My mother and her friends dont stay long, and we didnt either.

Anyone with a weak stomach or doesnt want to hear the graphic retelling of the following events should stop reading now and just comment. To everyone else i dont want to hear shit...

We packed up and she wanted to go to the forum. So we head out to the car and start off towards the Forum. We make it to Borders and go in to read a Huge ass book of relationships. It takes both our b-days and tells how well we wrok together. She was very excited bout the results, but i lend very little to that shit...anyways we head back out to the car, its bout 420 and she has to leave to go pick up her kids at 5. Well i take the frontage road back to Jims and she says to keep driving so i head to Rolling Oaks, we find and empty parking lot and park. We sat there and just talked, it was not really apporpiete talk, but i couldnt stop and neither could she. i liked it alot. SO anyways after bout 30 minutes i ask if shes ready to go, she mistook that for git it on instead of leave so i told her that we didnt have time.

So i git her back to Jims and she heads over to her van and heads off. I go to Hooligans and eat and try to make sense of what i just did. She calls and tells me that her hubby is out and wont be home till 2 am....

I will leave it her and pick up the final piece tomorrow...hope no one got sick or lost any respect for me...let me know, dont hold back and talk behind my back...


Sadler, your better than yourself my friend I don't want you to get hurt....
Reply5 years ago

buahahhahahahhaha. red hat ladies and your MOM! love by the light of the dash...very meatloaf, mahfrah
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Apr 30, 2006
Johari window results 03:07

Apr 29, 2006
Day two
Current mood:confused

SO the next day we met up at Jims again. Today she was wearing a black strapless top thing that turned into a skirt...very nice, cuz it kept slipting down. Any ways we hit the books pretty hard for bout 2 hours, and i really think we made some progress. We covered logs, differenial quotionants and factoring of polynomials and all kindsa stuff. Then the flirting started and the books go push aside. We stayed there till like 5 just talking and whatnot. The subject matters were not all too good, she talked bout her relationship and life and how screwed up things were and stuff like that, but we also talked bout other things....

Anyways she had to go pick up her kids and git home for supper and i had to go bowl, so we head to the parking lot. We were parked next to each other with only a curbed in area with a tree between and we stopped behind her van and she asked for a hug. So i gave her one of those ass out hugs like Vince Vaughn describes in Wedding Crashers, and then she said i am so evil and i wont ask for which i jumped back. She had this devious lil smirk and started walkin after me. I retreated to my car and she came up and leaned against me. i leaned into the car and she was like whats wrong, i said i was gittin a leg cramp is all....she laffed and backed off. She then asked if i liked what she was doin with her shirt yesterday? and i played dumb. She then asked if i would like to see what was under neath today...i declined, and that was very very difficult to say. Then there was a car backfire to which i turned and put my hand on my gun, and when i turned back around she was there puckered up and almost kissed me. i dodged and laughed. She said she understood but she really wanted to kiss me, i then stuck out my left and and took hers and rubbed her wedding ring, and said i cant, but i would give her a real hug. So i hug her and she rreaally felt good to hold, and as i was releasing her she whispered gaod you make my #$ wet and tingly. I retreated to my car and did NOT look back. I just sat there with my head on the steering wheel repeating how much trouble she was goin to git me in....

So Jason and i were talkin at the bar and we did a lil math and out of my lfe, there as only been one chick that didnt have kids that has been interested in me...very strange i think, the mommys like me for some reason, there is this one with 3 kids, Lafonduh with 2 and 1 on the way, pixi with 1, Tawnya with 2, and Shelly in AZ with 2...i mighta missed some but all in all thats at least ten kids that i coulda been daddy too...that scares me...ALOT

Well we met the next day too and i will fill ya in on that laterz....


Apr 29, 2006
Uncle Bubba yet again....
Current mood:thankful

So i know i owe another 2 installments on the last blog, this is kinda a priority...

My Sister and bro-n-law adopted again ! ! ! Jasmine Elizibeth was born on the 25, and they are bringin her home today. We are headed out to H-town next weekend to meet her. . .

kiera and jasmine! yay!
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Jan 11, 2007
In the beginin. . . .
Current mood:giddy

I went to school i and paid attention and i came home. I neither talked nor socialized with other students. I kept to myself...I aint out to make friends just good grades. But i fuckered that all up. . .

So there i was in Hor Nashty's class mindin my own and veggin out, when the hot girl with the tats comes and sits next to me, NOT IN HER H NASHTY ASSIGNED CHAIR mind you, and tried to start a conversation. We all know how i am with personal interaction....dddduuuuhhhhh... Yeah so she asks if i will help her with the terms for the map quiz and i agree, cuz we all know how i like to flex my brainial muscles....thats right i said brainial, look it up fuckers. So we are goin over the terms and she asks me what my major was, to which i answered education with a math focus. She got all bubblely and then begged for help studying for her college algebra fianl. You know i said yes to tutorin, i love me some math...the fact that she was hot never crossed my mind.

So wednesday when we were to study the SAC campus was crawlin with retarded lil high schoolrs for a technology fair, so i said we should go to a Jims, after all it is the place to meet and eat....She agrees and since she lives on the same side of town we chose a Jims close to both of us. We git there and i look over her work and tests and what the teacher gave for a review and then i was ready to git started....but she wanted to ask me some questions, all of which were personal and non math related, most having to do with significant others and children. Well i answer to the best of my ability and i began mathing her up. We studied and flirted studied and flirted. This whole time she is wearing a tank top and using the table to pull it down and then resting her chest on the table...very very distracting, this will come into play later. So she finally says she has had enuff studyin so i figure its time to go, but we stayed another 2 or so hours. In that time we talked bout who what when where and how was our first time, and other related subjects. This is the first time i have really talked to the girl mind you so i was very frazzled, but i tried my best to stay composed. I covered my intimacy issues and my distain for relationships and what not. Yeah so anyways she has to go pick up her kids from daycare. Yes thats the first of 3 lil surprises, well they arent really surprises if you know my luck. Yes so we go out to the parking lot and upon inspecting my car she gits me cornered inbetween my passenger door and the car, and gits really close, i spaz and drop my keys to which she drops and picks them up stopping her head at my crotch and lookin up at me and smiling. Yeah i know...She then bends herself over infront of me in the car and my was it a sight...i was on edge and came very close to just jumpin on her. anyways i somehow weasel my way out of it and we set a date for the next day to finish up the review.

Now there was more that happened, little things that i omitted cuz i am lazy and didnt want to type them, but i left nuttin juicy, or criminal out of it. Now is a good time to kinda describe here, she bout my height, shoulder length brown hair, very nice hazel eyes and prolly about 120 pounds. Very nice package. I drove away repeating to myself that she is going to cause me some trouble...

Ok i am goin to post this and finish it next time...stay tuned


Mar 18, 2006
i'm back
Current mood:numb

Ok i am back from AZ. It was a really nice visit, but like the rest of my life full of hijinx. So like a couple hours after i got there we dropped her kids off at the fathers place and headed to the tit club she works at and she was fuckin around with another bartender, showin off and shit and well the other chick goosed her and she was standin next to the bar and well it RIPPED YER BELLY RING CLEAN OUT! SO she finished out her shift and we headed back to her place. She cleaned up the wound and we passed out. We got up ass crack early to pick up the kids and take them to school and came back and napped. We picked up the kids later and dropped them back off at the dads, but i stayed at her place cuz i felt like a total creep just hangin out at the bar and talkin to her while she was tryin to make money. We had the weekend to ourselves, no kids. She worked nites and we spent the days hangin out and site seeing. The rest of the trip was pretty much like that hangin out with her and the kids, eatin and watchin tv/movies.

Not much more than that to report, sorry it wasnt more interesting yall...


Mar 5, 2006
so fucking nervous...
Current mood:nervous

yeah anyways so i popped the top on a can of man and chugged that bitch....i will catch you i have been talkin to a "friend" from the past. I met her in Yuma like 6 yrs ago and well we have been catchin back up. Anyways she invited me out for spring break and well i just didnt think it was a good idea due to financial concerns and that fact that i am scared of chicks...anyways out of the blue as i was typing a paper i looked at flight prices and low and behold i found a cheap round trip. So i am headed out there Thursady and comin back on tuesday. needless to say i am nervous as fuck! i wanted a flight on friday after classes but they were all booked or too expensive. Yeah so i am skippin school on friday and....SHIT WHAT THE FUCK AM I DOING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Any advice would be very girl is out of my league!

please please please tell me i am crazy and not to go thru with this shit!


Jeremy Duncan
Hmm.. Am I living in the Twilight-freakin-zone?

Is Justin pulling (good looking) ass?

Is Americo giving dating advice?

Jason? nevermind

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i can't stop looking at her boobies
Reply(1)5 years ago

Justin Sadler
Who can really?
5 years ago

Well, I don't know if I can top Jason's comment but good luck and enjoy yourself.

p.s. why don't I know this girl?! hmmm? I missed out on loads after I left eh?

Have a good spring break and I guess one way to look at it, is you'll only be there a week so what's the worse that could happen? as long as she's not crazy like the last girl you dated ;)
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Jan 7, 2006
Man Panties
Current mood:thirsty

Yeah so i am deliquent on a blog bout the Chronicles of Narnia...Long story short i went to go see it with Jason and his girl and her roommate. So anyways the movie was "GRAPHIC"! Not much more can describe it. The books were great but when you see the things CS Lewis was tryin to git ya to see, you realize he was a sexual deviant...i should know, i HAVE been labeled...whats with that anyways? Ya like to fuck a chick on a stove or pee in a midgits ass, and people think yer some kinda whack job...well i aint...kinda

Yeah so anyways thats all i got to say bout that, ask me more bout the movie i have plenty to say, i am just lazy and dont want to type it. So we went to H-Town today to celebrate Kiera's 1st birthday. Where ha the time gone? She is so smart and big, and runnin and did i mention smart? Anyways it was a long day and a loud day between the kids, and our dog, my nanaws dog, my sisters 2 dogs and my uncles 5 dogs....needless to say i dont want to see anonther dog for a week. It went well and cant wait till the second b-day when she actually can talk and understands what is goin on.

So the main reason i wrote this one, as i know yall ALL want to know is i wore underwear today and it wasnt too bad...Yeah i cant remember the last time i wore drawers, it had to of been back in High School, cuzi i have worn PT shorts or gone commando since then. Anyways, the new boxer/brief things aint too shabby, plus it does wonders for the appearance of the package!

Ok later all you closet freaks and geeks, taker sleazy


welcome to the world of undies.
I like the chronicles p.s. :o) course i can't remember yesterday let alone actually reading those things years ago...and do i wish i had bought those books back then? hell yes have you priced them recently! o.m.f.g.

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Dec 22, 2005
cold as penguin testicles
Current mood:blah

thats how cold i was in Illinois!

ok so this is the 4th time i have tried to write this damn thing. I picked up a virus and if i stay on a page too long it freezes the computer and i lose everything so i am goin to post after a paragraph and finish it a lil at a time.

SO i went up to Illinois to see a friend of mine, Chrissy, graduate from college and git her commission in the Marine Corps. It was very cool cuz another friend of ours flew out too and brought her daughter. We did a lot of catchin up and had a great time.

I got there Saturday late and after we talked for a while we all hit the rack. The next mornin after a tasty breakfast of crepes with chocolate and strawberrys, we had some of her family over and talked and watched football and whatnot. We headed to a Chinese food resturant with her mom and step dad and it was kewl. The food was good and the the meal was very enjoyable. After lunch we headed to a basketball game. It was crazy, someone shit and puked orange ALL OVER that stadium. The game wasnt the best, pretty low scorin and not alot of exciting plays or anything, but the Fightin Illini won. For those who dont know, its pronounced ILL-EYE-N-EYE...why i dont know, must be cuz them yankees dont know how to talk right...whatcha think?

ok so after the game we got back to her apartment to git ready for the family dinner. We drove over to the hotel and had a caravan of her family follow us to what will be a fantastic restaurant. Its a simple lookin place with a simple name like Alexanders Steakhouse or something. We have a party of like 15 or so and we finally git seated and i start to notice things....cooler set up thru out the joint filled with meat, wonderful delicious tender morsals, and the other thing i notice are the huge fire pits in the middle of the place. Well i finally got my mind wrapped round this thing right and figured out i pick the steak i want and cook it the way i want...fuckin a brilliant!!!! i found me a fat ass nicely marbled rib-eye and threw that bitch on the pit. I covered it with a garlic and cayanne rub they had and seared the outside and then placed it off to the side to heat thru. Damn if that werent the best steak i have ever had. It was rare and perfect. I slept well that night, i had a belly full of cow and taters.

The next mornin was an early start. We got up round 530 or 600, cuz the commissionin was at 730...fuckin jarheads...can plan shit for noon or later. Anyways is was good times the 4 of us tryin to git ready and git Ava ready and git there and find her family and everything on time, but we made it and it was a very very nice ceremony. They showed a show clip from OCS, and talked bout all the great things that Chrissy has done and will be doin. The reading of the warrant, though different than i have ever heard still gave me goosebumps. She had her dad and great uncle, both former Marines, pin her. After that we had a small intermission before the second ceremony. So we hung around and meet some of her friends and other students and whatnot before we made it over to the student union for the next one. This one was for the whole school, all the branches that were commissionin 2nd Lts and Ensigns. There were bout 12 or 13. They read their names and their majors and that kinda thing, then they had the first salute ceremony, and then gave away the blue star flags to their parents. It was a very nice ceremony except for the guest speaker, some army reserve general. He talked and talked and talked on and on and on bout leadership and it was sooooooooo lame...but we had a good picture opp at the end and we took pics upon pics upon pics. The other suckky thing was after we got there Nikki didnt have her gloves so i had to run back out the the car to git them....fuck i have never had to run in that kinda weather, fuck i thought i was goin to die. SO i run out to the car and run back, only to find out that her warrant is still out in the car, so i had to run BACK to the car....i think i did die that time, twice. Again how the fuck do people live up there????? It all worked out in the end and we headed back to her apartment after that.

After that bein as it was such a short night we all wanted naps, but her family was gittin back on the road so she and i went to lunch with them and took Ava so Nikki and Charlie could git some sleep. i was feelin ok till i got back to her apartment and i crashed hard....we woke up late for her after commissionin party, that was funny, we were like the last ones to her party. good times. It was at this swanky lil sushi bar. The good times were had by all till the owner got all pissy and well that just WONT do. We stayed there a while and then we headed over to another bar a block away. It was good times they drank and laffed and it was all round fun. A jarhead friend of her showed up and we talked and shit, and then when we decided that she was blitzed enuff we headed home. We dropped a couple girls off and headed back to pad and hit the rack. The next mornin Nikki, Ava Charlie and i packed up and headed back to Indy to catch our planes.

Over all it was a great trip. I just wish yall lived closer and in WARMER climates....Congrats again Chrissy, Merry Christmas, Happy New Years, and Happy b-day too....Semper Fi Kiddo


hahaha! :o)
Im so glad you all came! I had such a great time and yes it was cold as balls for commissioning but wouldn't you know it was 55 degrees here yesterday!? ;)
Take care and thanks for making my commissioning day/weekend so enjoyable!

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Nov 25, 2005
Harry Potter made my face hurt
Current mood:sick

SO i think bein in that damn lil assed theatre with all those snot nosed lil brats and their sticky dirty figers got me sick. I say sick its just allergies i think. I have had sinuse problems all day and really couldnt taste my food....yes it IS a sad day.

I am tired as hell too, between cleanin the house and cookin all the food its been a long couple days. We finished the lemon, chocolate, carmel, and pecan pies on wedsnesday. my sis also made some kinda cheesecake. I got all the fixins ready for the dressin like bakin the cornbread and all the veggies cut and cooked. Got taters ready to be smashed and made, and then made a loaf of bread. This mornin we woke up round 6ish and started the turkey in the oven. after that we started makin a batch of mostacholi for the people to eat tomorrow after the funeral. round 11 dad and i started heatin the oil for the other turkey. i shot it up with some uncle tony's magic sause and eat dropped it bout noon. 45 minutes later we had our mut saborso deep fried turky. gotdam it was tasty, or so they say i had little taste it sucked. i couldnt even taste the carmal pie so i stopped eatin it...what a waste, tomorrow i better have my damn taste buds back. so anyways the rest of the family showed up and we grubbed and napped and watch some fools ball...damn COWBOYS!

thats bout it taker sleazy yall talk acha laterz


Melinda Quinones
MonsterChili Rocks!!!I love a man who can cook ;)
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Nov 20, 2005
Playin catch-up
Current mood:tired

Yeah so i aint wrote ina while. (god i love writin like that it makes all yall "literate" folks cringe) I think that most my blogs start of somewhere along those lines, i can never seem to be consistant on here. Anyways it doesnt matter right? Who the hell reads these anyways? It wasnt till the "Lost Blogs" that i realized people did...anyways thats neither here nor there.

Lets see i have been outta school now since Sept. I have put in a total of 24 applications for misc jobs, you know all the normal fare: WalMart, Sams, HEB, Lowes, Home Depot, Target, Blockbuster, Hollywood Video, Judson as a sub, UPS, FedEx, DHL, git the point right? Anyways i have gotten ZERO call backs...ZERO! What the fuck Chuck?!!! Odds jobs have been keepin me goin, lawns here and there, helpin people move, small home projects, but its spotty at best. Anyways i was makin my money bowling, but they stopped havin the weekly tournys so that means the money stopped there too. Shit does anyone have a rich old granny that needs some company? Fuck it...anyways i got a hook up from one of my dads friends and hopefully have an interview with Valero next week.

Other than that life is pretty good, Shannon was in the car wreck a few weeks back and came to town and jacked her brothers car. He joined the Air Force and wasnt in need of it. So she came to town and spent some time with her brother and then we headed to LA. We stopped along the way and visited the Duncans in AZ and it was a great visit. A laff riot. Golly gee willickers it was dandy. I cleaned it up cuz Jeremy is all legit now and respectable...Anyways we trudged on from ther an when we got toYuma i tucked and rolled and Shannon sped on to see her Hank. Its a love i shall never quite understand, but thats on her. I spent bout 5 days in Yuma with an old friend. It was a great visit and i got to see the people i wanted to see and found out more than i needed to know bout someone but thats all in the past and cant change it now can i. Long story short on this i caught a geryhound up to San Diego and flew home on thursdays a week ago.

Spent the last week fillin out more job apps and loungin round the house throwin a pity party. I bowled on Wednesday and Thirsday and got a huge assed blister on my finger, damn it hurts. After bowlin on thursday i went with Jeff and his girlfriend and the gay doctor that has the hots for me to a kareoke bar. They sang and drank while i played pool. I really liked the bar, its a nice lil local countryish bar. I might even go back. Anyways Doc Luv gits drunk and starts throwin money and cars in my face again and i had to, as he said, break his heart again. Tell me am i wrong here? This guy wants to buy me a land rover, move into a house with him big enuff that if i find a girlfriend she can move in too, and pay me a salery of 55,000 a year, just to be his live in boyfriend and he said the sex was optional. Well my answer was sex isnt optional its OUT OF THE QUESTION, and as for the rest, it just doesnt sound koesher to me...anyways would you do it?

So today i drove up to Killeen where i have some friends that i was in the Marine Corps with. Their kids were celebratin their b-days and i went up to see them. They had the party at an indoor rock climbin place. DAMN i wish i was in better shape. It kicked my ass, and i just belayed most the time. I really need to drop some lbs. So anyways i just got home its bout midnight i think and i am so full of caffine i cant git to sleep.

So thats bout all that i got to say right now other than i am fixin to download the Spring semester's course catalouge so i can regesiter this next week...take it sleazy yall and talk to ya laterz


Oct 17, 2005
yet another close call

so long story short, the Tang, Jason and i went golfin today. It was all round good times. John shot like a 74 and i shot like a 79...hes good...but thats neither here nor there. So we git there after drivin round for a while tryin to find the place and hit the rest of Johns bucket o ballz. It was good times i was nailin the shit. SO we git up there and of course i dork every drive for the first 6 or so holes. this is nonsense, i almost DIED. We were on the 16th hole and its a long dogleg right. Well i have my best drive of the day and head down for my next shot. we take our shotz and both git on the green in 2, very good looks like birdies, so anyways as we are standing there a ball hits in the ruff be hind us and i poit it out, and as i am pointing it out a second ball comes sailin thru and misses me by INCHES! My life flashed before my eyes and let me tell ya it was hella boring. that ball would have killed me if it hit me in the head, and pissed me off if it hit me anywhere else. SO yeah i didnt die, i am goin back tomorrow and standing in the same spot all day...maybe tomorrow is my day...cross yer fingers 02:03

Oct 9, 2005
why not....
Current mood:bored

Would you make a good girlfriend?

Good day ladies. Feel free to copy and paste the message below and input your answers. We'll see if you would please me.
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If "no" to above, when did you lose your virginity:
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Is there anything else I should know that would influence my decision:

Thank you for applying to be my girlfriend. All applicants will be throughly weighed and measured to ensure proper fit and to prevent wear and tear. Please feel free to forward pictures as well as fantasies with completed application...


Oct 8, 2005
w a i t i n g , , , ,
Current mood:bored

justly titled, i am waiting....for what i havent a clue, anybody know? little help here...

Anyways i just got finished watchin the new movie called waiting and its awesome. laffed muh ass off, now its not my favorite movie but its up there in the top 10. The best part was the million and a half previews. There are a lot of good flicks comin out soon. good times.

so yeah today i worked over at my cousins layin more wood (flooring). I gotta do the same tomorrow. Just got the master bedroom left and be done for the most part. Base boards and the closets still need some attention but my cousin said she wanted to take care of that after were finished. I dont think she knows the amount of work involved. After that i told here i would clean all the grout in the living room and then put a sealer down. She has had the grout cleaned twice without sealing it...i just dont understand people with money to burn...anyways.

so i am stuck on a level on tomb raider, its pissin me off, anybody know any place to git help? cheats maybe? sad i know but shes all i got. Well i guess i am goin to go read and then hit the rack...take it sleazy...


Oct 6, 2005
Dan Lost three toes in Iraq! He's a bonafid War Hero!
Current mood:nostalgic

So hows longs it been? close to month i guess cuz the last time i wrote was when i dropped outta skewl. Well i would loveto say a lot has happened since then but alas.....

I spent the first week or so shut in the house feelin sorry for myself, but then decided that wont pay the bills either. I put in job apps at the wally world the Smas club the Target, the HEB and both home depot and lowes. I even put one in at the borders, and got NO RESPONSE! I am mother fuckin unhirable. I got a buddy that works at Sams and he said that they are in NEED of people, yet my fone dont ring, and i got a buddy that works the HEB and he says the same thing...Fuckem, i dont need their dirty capitolist money....WTF, yes i do!

So i still aint got a job yet, but i have been gittin paid. I have been doin some handy work, yard work and odd jobs which dont pay much but keeps me busy and i have been gambling. Now i say odd jobs like helpin people move, not odd jobs like fishing pennies out of the creepy old guy down the streets' anus with a fondue fork. I aint sure thats a healthy thing, gamblin with the money ya need to live, but its all i got right now. I made bout 35 bucks at the poker game last week and and average bout 50 bucks or so gambling when we bowl. I have also won a couple bowlin tournys so thats a 100 bucks...good f'n times i tell ya.

Well now let talk bout better things. The Shannon came to town and when is that not the best thing in the world? We celbrated her brothers b-day and the Tang showed up. Damnit there should ALWAYS be a Tang at b-day parties... We caught up with the Sandy and baby Jacob so that was awesome. Lil Kids are amazin, hes growin so fast. We also got back in touch with the Maria...Its been like 10 friggin yrs. She looked great and was a bunch of fun. We caught up in between the vomitin and bitch session over the fone, but hey it was all good times. The Nad is back in the States, off his pump, so thats awesome too. He is in town for a week, so hopefully we can git a game of golf in. Oh yeah ladies please dont drink the water while Dan is in town, hes mighty powerful...Hes goin to be a Daddy again, so call and congratulate him damnit! I just heard that the child bearing hips of Kevin Geiger is goin to be in town on monday. That should be good times, i KNOW we will got to a buffet or something so....whatever.

What else....i got to watch what i write, i dont know hows readin these things...hhmmmm....oh, i put in my application with Judson today to become a substitute teacher. That would be cool i guess, its 70 bucks a day. Wish me luck. I am onluy applyin for HS and middle school and in the subjects of history, science, PE and MATH! Duh right? Anyways that would be kewl to git some experiece and have a good name with the district so when i pimp my teachers cert and degree out they will know me.

My pudge is growin up so fast! she is almost walkin its great. She had her 9 month appointment today and is 22 point something pounds and like 6 foot tall! ok that was an exageration, but shes goin to be a giant. She is sooo perfect. I cant describe it cuz i dont use werds good, but imagine the most perfect things in yer life then magnify them by infinity and thats my pudge. We had her dressed up in her cammie onesie today and everyone loves it.

Well i think i am goin to sign off, i am f'n tired and have to git up early, so later fags, see ya on the flipside n shit


Sep 14, 2005
Current mood:crappy

Yeah so i dropped out of college. Its only been two weeks, but i had enough of bein fucked over. I ended up transferin from St Philips to San Antonio College this semester because they offer more class times for the classes i needed like Calculus and Physics, and my English prof that i had for Comp 1 teaches at SAC so i wanted to take his Comp 2 class too. So I ended up takin 11 hours at SAC and was only takin Spanish 2 at STP which was 4 hours. Apparently when you git a pale grant and you are duel enrolled, you have to attend the college you have the most hours at.Thois was a big headache switching, but i got it done. I got my grant and life was good for a little while. that is until i certified at the VA. I had to certify so that i could git paid for th semester. I figured that since SAC and STP were both in the ACCD, Alamo Com College District, that they would both have the same degree plans. Boy oh boy is that not the case! The courses i was taking would have been a full VA load to git me paid the full monthly amount, at SAC it was only half time. On top of that i was going to drop my Calculus class cuz it was impossible to learn anything. There was this dumb chick that asked questions over nad over every 3 minutes. She was also in my Pre-Cal class and the teacher jumped her shit tellin her to hold her questions and go to tutoring, but the Calculus prof just let her ask her dumb ass questions. Anyways, gittin back to the difference between SAC and STP.... Where i would be 8 hours away from my Math A.A. at STP, i was almost 29 hours away at SAC. On top of that, SAC doesnt have a degree program for Education or Kinesiology. So, now i will be lookin for a job for the next 4 months and head back to school in the spring. I will be goin back to St Philips and no attend SAC again, except for a Kine class cuz they have better classes.

Yeah so i was wondering if anyone as any good sugestions on where to work. I am lookin for a place with a decent wage and offer over time. I will work past time if i have to, but i am lookin for full time or more. I would also prefer not to have job where i have to deal with people too much. I know i know that i am askin alot and shit, but well i hate people, but i can fake it if i have to. Right now i am thinkin Brylane, Wal-mart, Sams Club, Target, HEB, or a security guard.

Well i got to go bowl, and after that go collect some job apps...take it sleazy bitches....


Sep 5, 2005
a man goes to a talent agent and says...

work in progress.... 00:46

Sep 4, 2005
shhhhhhh dont tell anyone i blogged

Whats up bitches...

Yeah anyways why should i stop? I am gittin rusty at makin shit up and well i dunno.... Anyways lots goin on lately. Most involves school but some is actually good.

School: We started school two weeks ago, and as i think i said in one of my previous blogs i switched over to SAC from St Philips. It was a major pain in the anus, but i thought it was for the best. Boy was i wrong. I didnt know it was possible to fuck a person so many ways at once. Really i fell like a just got thru with a gang bang. Damnit i got out of the military cuz i wa tired of gittin dicked over repeatedly by strangers. So anyways i found out that even though SAC and St Philips are both in the ACCD, they have COMPLETELY different degree plans. I am 8 hours away from my associates of math at St Philips but almost 28 hours away if i went under the SAC program. FUCKIN NUTS! Yeah so anyways when i found this out i was close so very very close to goin postal. I think Dana was the only thing that stopped me, she had a worse day and it eased the postal demon in my brain from shootin up the school. Turns out she was livin with a creepy guy that was the kinda guy that kills people and makes them in to life sized dolls and shit. It was good times... Back to School. SO i went and got it so i can go back the ST Philips on my old degree program and its all gravey now...everythings better with gravey. So the rest of the classes are ok, well thats a lie, my Physics prof is lost in the 70's, and has a monkey throwin poo in his head. I swear he isnt all there. My Cal 1 class was ok till Lil Miss ask a question every 3 minutes showed up. Shes such a twit. She was in my Pre Cal class too and everyone wanted to kick her ass cuz the teacher cant teach. She challenges every word he says. She doesnt even know algebra i swear! Its so fuckin annoyin! I guess the only ok classes i have are Spanglish and Inglish. They are ok cuz they are gay and easy. I am older than my Inglish teacher and my Spanglish teacher is awesome and talks bout what ever is on her mind. We talked for 45 minutes the other day bout Carlos Mencia...good f'n times. So thats bout it for school for now.

Other than school: I have no life...i have read 4 star wars books in the last 2 weeks. have you ever got yer dick stuck in the middle of a cd? me neither...just asking I started two new bowlin leagues so that should keep me occupied. yeah...

Kiera: SO that everyone who doesnt know knows...Kiera is now officially and legally ours Friday Sept 2 we all went to court and the judge signed the papers. It was awesome. She is growin up so fast, and she lives so far away its like a new kid every time i see her. I can tell ya what she and i are goin to raise ALL kinds of trouble! We are goin to rule the world!Here is a pic of her after her baptism...i made the hat...i have an origami hobby...

yeah we are soooooo goin to be in trouble all the time Thats my pudge. She is 9 months on the 5 of Sept.

SO other than all that, not too much goin on. i got more pics of my lil beastie from the adoption, christinin, and whatnot, i just got to git thme loaded. Gas prices suck so i need someone to teach me how to take the bus, cuz i aint goin to be able to afford gass if is gits much higher. Any volenteers? I also got like 60 or so free games of bowlin i got to burn. Let me know and one of these weekends we will all have to git together and go bowlin...then we can go somewhere dark and play a game called "Who's in my Mouth"...its good times...laterz bitches


Aug 20, 2005
Current mood:moody think i like that. Prolific. its been a long nite, i found some shit out, and well we shall see how i use 05:11

Aug 16, 2005

I just checked my grades online...thats right i pulled my A in Statisitics. Damn man i really thjought i dorked that test all to hell, but i musta pulled it out. cuz i know i didnt have time to toss his salad or give him a rim job...that was a joke...not really but yeah.... I AM STOKED!!! Drinks on me ladies...drinks on me......





Aug 16, 2005
Never say, "It could be worse...."
Current mood:numb

So friday was finals, it was also the day we were leaving for Arizona. I studied and bowled the night before and even went to bed early the night before because i knew i had a long day on friday. I did this mostly because i have been sick for the last week. I got some kinda nasal thing from my niece when she visited last weekend. I wasnt worried at all bout the tests, but i was dreading the drive from here to El Paso. So i got up early, and i wasnt feelin 100% but i did feel alot better, so i packed the car and went and picked up Jason. We got to school in plenty of time for me to do a last minute check of my notes and what not. I figured i needed an 81 to keep my "A" and since i hadnt scored lower than a 94 in the class i figured it would be a breeze. Here is where my nightmare began. I swear to gawd that when he handed out that test, i wanted to tell him that it was in russian or martian or something cuz it made NO sense to me. Its not that i had a data dunp or a brain fart, i just couldnt think. Basic addition escaped me and my nasal under my eye started pounding. FUCK! Well i worked one at a time little here little there. I didnt feel so bad when people got up and told him, i just dont know how to do the last (#). I finished, but know i fucked up many. i DIDNT git my 81, so i am sure i got another f'n B. Shit! So when i finished the test i looked at my watch to realize i was nearly 45 minutes late for my second final. I hung my head and trudged off. I got there and there was still like 12 people takin the test. I sat down and finished it with 3 people still takin it. It was a joke. He had questions on there like who was the leader of nazi germany, and then listed like roosevelt, chruchill, hitler and stalin. Damn i wish he made my math test! So with our tes over all i had to do was drop by and see if my financial aid got straightened out and THEN be on our way. Yup thats right it wasnt, so if i wanted that extra 500 bucks i was goin to have to git in line. A very long and stupid line. SO an hour and a half later i find out that i can fix it NEXT week. Shit we coulda been in Junction by now! FUCK! So we grab some lunch and hit the road.

The drive aint changed much since the last time i made it. hella bad traffic till ya git passed Boerne, and then its 80 on the cruise control and flyin low. It ended up we left about 1pm, so i figured we would make Jeremys by midnightish. That would only be 10 pm their time so we would have plenty of time if we were runnin late. So the first couple hours go by and are pretty uneventful. We make the normal stops for gas, drinks and pissin. We listened to the new Dane Cook, and many many many other cd's, and then we hit a "ruff" patch of road. Lookin back, cuz hindsight is 20/20, i shoulda stopped and checked out the tires, but no i played dumb and just kept plowin. Well it didnt take long till i heard the outer belt pop and then i slowed it down and WHAM the tire blew. It wasnt too dramatic, and actually handled alot better than when a Hummer tire blows out. We got over to the side of the road and thats when i remembered that i forgot to bring my tool box, just in case i needed it. Well luckily i didnt. We got the "Barbie Death Box" on the jack and got the tire off. This is good times, as i was pullin it off i sighed and told jason to check the pressure in it, and he ran off to git the gauge...I could help it, its what i do. I had a good laff. Well anyways we got the tire off and the spare on. Uh OHHHH.... The spare only had bout 20 PSI, and its a 40 PSI tire. What else could go wrong damnit? So we got in and headed for the next service station. By the way this happened bout 97 miles away from the Texas New Mexico border. It took us almost 45 minutes to find the next station, we aired up the tire and limped into El Paso. We got in at bout 10pm and decided to stay there the night cuz i didnt want to go any further with a spare, just in case the I-10 gremlins wanted to play with us tomorrow. So we git a room at a red roof inn and got git some supper and hit the rack. We said we will git up at 7am and git up to Sears to git a couple tires and git back on the road. Sounds like a good plan to me....except my POS car wont f'n start. It cranks like a champ, and tries hard to turn over, but ultimately says fuck you. I call my road side assistance and a gawd what a head ache. They have all my info, why do they need me to tell them again? Anyways it takes bout 45 minutes and the tow truck gits there. On the bright side, the guys were nice and very professional. They towed us up to the firestone and we dropped the car off and told the guy it wont start and headed around the corner for breakfast. The chow was good, but the service was slow. We finished up and headed back to the shop. I was happy to see the tracker up by the work bays, and when we went in the guy said, " started right up!" WHAT WHAT WHAT!?!?!?! Was of course my only reaction. He said he would let it sit a lil while longer and then try again. Well needless to say yeah thats right it fired right the fuck up. He actually blessed it and said he couldnt do anymore. Fuck me in the goat ass! SO we head down to sears to git the new tires and i decided to cut my losses and head home instead of continuin on to Jeremys and then on to Yuma. I know that this upset everyone, but i am equally upset, plus i got to git MY F'n car fixed!

We got home after 10 pm Saturday night, and i racked out with a quickness. I had just drove 1000 plus miles in two days and i was beat. Sunday i unpacked the car and tried to start it. All it does is crank. I got it up to the chevy dealer today, yes thats right towed yet again, and i'll be damned if the bitch didnt just start up again when the mechanic tried. I am lucky i wasnt carryin or else i woulda unloaded a couple clips in that f'n piece of shit car. So the are runnin diagnostics and i shopuld find out tomorrow. I fuckin hate my life......


Aug 11, 2005
18 hours down....a couple million to go
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Well for the most part, the second summer semester is over. We took our Racquetball final today. It was supposed to be tomorrow, but i guess coach had better things to do. Its all good, i actually learned alot and really enjoyed it. I kinda wish i had him for the first semesster. His test was a joke too! I mean the midterm was ruff, but the final was a joke! Like the last 35 questions were true / false and were all false excet like the last 4. I looked up at Jason and he just looked back at me...we couldnt beleive that shit....SO...we dont have class tomorrow, so i will have to git my yard work done for the week cuz i wont be round this weekend to do it. I just hope the weather cooperates. I love the rain, we need it bad, but it comes at the worst possible times. I also need to study for my math final on friday. I think i will do ok, but the amount of information is vast and its comprehensive....just a lot of formulas to remember. I figured it up and need an 81 to keep an "A" so i think i am safe. I have gotten "A's" on everything else, and the final will take the place of a lower test grade if that applies. All in all i think i can call it an "A". I also need to look over the history stuff. I KNOW i will have an "A" in that class, but i dont want to dork it up and fail the final. Ole Nashty is a good teacher and i will definately take his class when i take the other IDST class in the spring. Its good times in there watchin all those retards scramble to write every word that comes out of his mouth....rediculus!!! So anyways with that i will have put another 18 hours behind me. (9 from each summer semester) I got over 60 hours and i have only been in school a year now...i dont think thats too bad right? Anyways school starts back up on the 22nd and i am already jonesin to start. I am takin spanish 2, freshman comp 2, physics 1 and calculus 1. I was goin to take another weight leftin class, but decided just o do it on my own time. Plus with all the SHIT i am goin thru with financial aid and the V/A and switchin schools...i just didnt have the time to deal with it or the desire to pay for it and then wait to see if i git re-enbursed. It really sucks bein poor. I ended up payin for all my classes out of my pocket today to make sure that they git paid for. I dont want to leave on friday and find out when i git back on wednesday or thusday that i got dropped from all my classes due to non-payment. Its just a huge pain in the ass ya heres something kewl...i just got them from my bro-n-law....





I bought that for here...its hard to read the front, but its got a pic of Darth Vaders mask and it says who's yer daddy under it...i got her another one that has Chewie on the front and it says mommys lil monster. I LOVE spoilin her....Well that made me feel better. I got some kind of nasal/allergy thing goin on. I think i got it from Kiera this weekend, she was a lil snot factory, but who knows. Its all good. I am takin some tylonal cold now and its fuckin my world up! The colors are awesome.

SO anyways Jason and i are headed out to see the bullfrog. We are leavin after our history final on friday and drivin striaght thru to Sierra Vista, AZ. Thats where Jeremy and his family are stationed now. We are goin to stay out there for a while, i am goin to make a trip over o Yuma to see the Mindy and Jan and Nel, but most of the time will be at Jeremiahs. I aint lookin forward to the drive, but hey its second nature. I have driven it so often i know it like the back of my hand.

Ok the tynolal is really gittn me so now i will take off. laterz


Sandra Sanchez
She looks so cute! I love the outfit. Tell the bullfrog hello for me.
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Jul 21, 2005
william of pitt. . .
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Alrighty then...amazin how busy i am yet really have nothing to say. School is goin well, i have a lot of work though. Statistics is good, but the vocab is the tuff part. The math stays the same, but now you have to clarify the same products in algebra and this ot that dependin on the way the wind blows...its tuff, but i like it. We had the first test and we got it back today. I got a 97, silly mistakes, mostly labeling my answers. My IDST (World Civ) is kewl. The teacher is awesome. Not a crotchity old man preachin, but a laide back guy that makes the subject far. The best part is the freak show of a class. We got a crack whore, a drama queen, a dork amoung dorks, and a myraid of other characters....The down side is Hor-Nasty, the professors name is Horace, we call him Hor-Nasty, talks till the minute its time to leave. This sux balls cuz i got 10 minutes to git to the gym, change or ver and git ready for racquetball. We had out first test in there too and i did well, he goeas on a point system so i got a 56 of 60. Last of all Racquetball is awesome. Coach Gonzales is a great teacher. I have only been in the class like 10 days and i have learned alot and learned some of my weakness and what i need to work on. It sux cuz there is no one in the class to challange, but i got a buddy Joe that i use to tutor that is showin up after his class and hes good, so i git a workout there. All in all, its a good semester. I dont know if i posted or not, i got two A's and a B last summer semester.

Other than school life is ok. Ok but busy. Bowlin is goin well. We are first place on Thursday nights and tied for second on tuesday. Wit hthe rain, i am busy with yards. Not complainin, we needed the rain in a bad way. The tomato plants are lookin great and are already puttin in fruit. The pepper plants are too.

We are headin out to H-Town this weekend to see my niece. I cant wait. I really wish the lived closer. Then again if they did, that greatly increases the chances of changin diapers. I am NOT down with that! She is 6 months old, we need to potty train her already!!! Yeah so mom and i will be cookin and bakin alday tomorrow to take food out there cuz we are takin both of my grandmothers and my bro-n-law's folks and sister are supposed to be there. I am NOT thrilled bout that. They are duesh bags, and i say that in the most loving way possible. Not really i hate them. Lets not concentrate on the bad, my niece is all thats important.

The diet/workout is still goin ok. I still aint losin much weight. I yoyo between 197 and 202. Just depends on the day and how much water i drink. Still i am feelin better. I joined Spectrum and they got really nice facilities. I need to go up there and swim, but havent had the time yet.

Well thats bout it for now. I got to write a letter and finish up some homework then rack out. By the way, the best movie EVER is Wedding Crashers, yall HAVE to go see that shit! Its awesome!


Jul 6, 2005
Schools out for a couple days....
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So summer semester one is done. I had my 3 finals today. The first was totally lame, govt. I dont know how i did, i didnt study and didnt really care i just wanted to fill out the critique and git outta his class. And thats just what i did. I blasted him and took off. I think i made and 'A' in the class. My gym final wasnt bad at all, mostly nutrion info with a lil bout muscles and weight trainin. All in all it was just memorize the highlighted sections in the handout, so it was simple. I KNOW i got an 'A'. That leaves math. I didnt do so well. I needed to make a 100 to make an 'A'. I know i didnt do that cuz i left two blank. I didnt want to just sit there and second guess myself and end up screwin myself up. Anyways, its done and over, one 'B' aint bad i guess. I might be able to git a scholarship still....

So what do i do with my four days off? I am bored already....Help.....


Jul 5, 2005

The picnic it was a great turn out. I really don’t have any idea how many people actually showed up, but like I said my granny is one of 14, and that’s just one of the 5 Italian families, the others have quite a few too! Anyways we got to th park at 9 and started slicing the meat and putting it in the cookers to keep it warm. Of course we had to sample any of the meat that didn’t look presentable….inother words breakfast was brisketJ. Then we got the serving line set-up and most important the dessert tables! After that my cousin Billy is a coach at a high school and borrowed some big fans and we hooked them up. They were awesome, they have a water reservoir that mists and mmmm yeah they were great. Kudos to Billy-Boy! So everyone started showin up and dropping off their dishes and visitin, and I cominced the samplingJ, I love workin the in the kitchen with the cookin crew. It does have its perks!. So after most everyone has a plate or two we set up the washers. We pitched washers for quite a while, again Billy and I went undefeated and decided to sit out a while. Bout that time my cousin Margarat and her hubby Jerry got out the jump rope and it was ON! We jumped rope for bout an hour and lord I am feelin it now. All my toes feel like they are broke, my calves are burnin and my hamstrings are tight. I am goin to be sore tomorrow. So after that we had a bunch of group pics, the original kids (my granny and her brothers and sisters that are still alive), the first cousins and then the second cousins and then the assorted others that don’t fit in the pics before. It was great. After that Margarat and Jerry turned on the music. Its good old country and Texas Swing music. Ya aint seen anything till ya see my granny dancing with her sister, my aunt Vic. My aunt Vic was usin her walker and my granny was usin her walkin stick, but they were MOVIN! It was awesome. I hope someone got a picture of it! They are a rowdy bunch I tell ya. My granny just turned 87 last month, I tell ya what she is goin to be around for the next 87! She is so full of life and tells the greatest stories, and has lived 10 times more than 87 yrs would allow most people. She is 4 foot 6 inches tall, and keeps shrinkin. Anyways I love her to death and could write all day bout her, but I need to finish this up and git in the shower. So after the dancing we went and pitched some more washers and then as people started to git ready to go, we headed to the kitchen to start makin the to-go plates. We cleaned up the kitchen and the pavilion and sat around restin and visitin till everyone left and they closed the park. I drove my dad home and we just chilled the rest of the day.

I cant wait till next year!!!


Jul 4, 2005
Ya ever Jump rope so much yer toes feel broken?
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So its been a while, i have been pretty busy. The first summer semester is over on wednesday, and i will have the next 4 days off. The second summer semester starts next monday. As for my classes, govt sux ass. Its state govt and i have a professor who is a former local politican, and the only reason he is teachin is cuz he lost his last couple campaigns. Long story short, all he does is tells stories bout his 'races' and his good close personal like rick perry, and every other single politician in the state. He is soooo full of bullshit its disgusting. I have gotten is so many arguements, and he has agreed that i was right everytime except once, but i still think i was anyways. He gives open book tests that ask questions that are totally subjective, and even though the answer that the book gives is on the test he says that it isnt right cuz thats not right. What? what do you mean? If its on yer open book test, then the answer in the book should be____?

A) correct

B) incorrect

I would go with A, but who knows... I cant wait till the class critique tomorrow. I am goin to slam him. Anyways, its the only bad class i got. My second class is much better. It is weight training and i have really enjoyed it. It is partially because i am learning alot, partially cuz i am gittin in shape and losin weight, but mostly cuz of that one hot chick that wears the shortie shortz everyday. Good lord have mercy, so hot, wanna touch the booty....nuff said. Last of all my math class is well its good and bad. It is Pre-Cal. I really like that material and the teacher is really good, but the time constraints are really ruff. There was not enuff time to cover all the material as indepth as possible. All in all i think i prolly end up with a 'B', so that sux, but its better than failin huh? Its MUCH better than the last teacher, the real estate agent. what a joke. So the final is on wednesday, and we shall see how it turns out. The way i got it figured i need bout a 96 or 97 on the final to git an "A" for the course. I really want that damn "A"!!! Another problem i had was not enuff people cared enuff to want to study together. I learn so much from tutorin, i miss it alot. My cousin asked me today at the park to help her with some math cuz she needs a math class and a pyhsics class to finish her degree, so i am stoked bout that.

Next semester (summer 2) will be statistics, world civilizations, and racquetball. All will be down at SAC. I am really lookin forward to next semester. Jason and i be in world civ and racquetball together so that will be cool. I cant wait to git back in the courts. After playin ball i will walk down the hall and work out a couple hours, and Jason says he wants to work out too, so we will see how long that lasts...dont puss out dude!

So this weekend was the 4th of July. That means the Pedrotti Family Reunion, thats right, prolly my favorite time of year. Last night we spent the night till almost 1130pm bar-be-quing over at Uncle Sonnys. We got there round noon and gat a fire started in the firebox to git a good bed of coals goin, and started trimmin the biskets and seasoning them. We ended up cookin 18 this year, but they covered the as area as the 24 we did last year. Anyways we put the meat on round 5 and turned bout 7ish. Round 9 or 10 we we put two in each pan and wrapped them to finish cookin over night over a low fire. We also cooked 34 chicken halves bout 15 links of sausage and fried up bout 20 pounds of catfish. Needless to say we had o do some sampling to ensure quality right? Damn i got stuffed! So when we aint cookin, we bullshit, ya know i hear the same stories every year, but man o man do they git better and better....anyways we play horse shoes and washers, drink some beer, and some homemade wine and just have a damn good time.

to be continued.....its late and i got alot of sun today at the park....


Jun 13, 2005
Toe jam
Current mood:moody

Been a busy week. My niece was in for the first couple 3 days sio i go to spoil her. School is ok i guess, my govt class totally sucks, the prof is a twit, and the class is nuttin but him talkin bout his successful and failed campaigns. He does not teach TX govt, if ya want to learn it ya got to read it, and he gives open note tests that are his opinion and not info from the book. VERY GAY! Weight liftin is goin good. I am losing weight consistantly even though i am a moody lil bitch because i am sooo f'n hungery. I cant wait to be back i nthe postion to enjoy some donuts or ice cream. 40 more lbs....Math is mixed emtions. I am glad to be back in the class, and he is a very good prof, but he dummys everything down and i am startin to have a problem following. He doesnt use math terms, hesays things like flip and multiply instead of multiplicative inverse...thats not a good example, but he uses weird terms. We took our first test on friday and the one i know i missed, i workd on for like 45 minutes. I know it was a simple thing i was over looking and sure enuff it was. I finally turned the test in with a note sayin that i had a brain fart, and drove over to see El Hassan Sounny Slitine. The math GAWD! Sure nuff he laffed and showed me what i was missin, so so so so very simple. Anyways I think it will be ok.

I got the carpets cleaned and the house dusted and cleaned, now if i can just keep it on a reasonable schedule. It is amazing how much dust collects on all the shit round here. Got the yards mowed, i sure am glad we put the top soil down. The grass is great, and nice and thick. The tomato plants are growin good as are the chilis, peppers, and garlic. Next weekend we are drivin up to Houston to buy my sister and her husband a new washer and dryer and pick up the riding lawn mower and my uncles and take it to them. It should be a long weekend. My moms b-day is this week, any suggestions? we all put in on a new digital camera for her, but she got it last weekend, so i thought i would git her something lil with a card for her to have something to open on the actual day. I will prolly git her bath and body, she digs the warm vanilla sugar crap. The dads day is next sunday...i never know what to git him, i will have to go to academy and find something huh....

Well thats bout all for now check you bitches laterz.....oh yeah and i would like to thank someone for showin me how to add photos to my blogs and comments and what not....Thanks Katchup.....and here is my first attempt and addin a pic....ok it didnt work, i tried 5 times now i am goin to bed, i shall try again tomottow


Jun 2, 2005
Crack Head
Current mood:hungry

2 days into this diet i KNOW how crack head and tweekers feel. I NEED FOOD! I have drank nuttin but water for the last two days, god a big red would be awesome right now, and nuttin but salad for the last two days, i could go for some real damn food. I am so f'n hungery! Anyways, it will git better i am sure or i will dump the diet. I need a terrorist donut fix!

School is goin ok, my gubment class is really gay i dont think the teacher knows shit. Its really lame. My weight class is kewl, but i am sore as hell, i forgot how long its been since i worked out. We are takin a fitness evaluation tomorrow so we shall see how outta shape i really am. Fianlly math rawks. All i can say is i got math wood. Its just soooo good to be in math again.

I bowled tonight, and ran into a guy i aint seen in 15 yrs. Its a guy we played soccer. It was kewl. We ended up on the same team and we all bowled really well.

So i got to git to bed, 5 am comes way too early....


May 31, 2005
Wakin Up at the Ass Crack of Dawn....
Current mood:thirsty

So today starts the first Summer Semester. Its f'n 0530. I got my first class at 0730. What the fuck was i thinking!?!

The racquetball courts open back up today so thats pretty kewl. Jason ya got a lil over a month before those donuts are mine! Then again if i am still dietin you will git to eat them.

Got bowlin tonight so hopefully i bowl better than last week. My thursday night league start this week too, hopefully.

Well i guess i am outta here, need to shower and git ready for skewl. laterz bitches....


May 29, 2005
Missin the Corps today
Current mood:blah

I dont know what it was that set it off, but all day today i have had the homesick feelin bout the Corps. No there is no way i am goin to re enlist or any crazy stupid shit like that, but i got pretty bummed bout not bein in anymore. Certain things, stupid insignifacant shit, like playin no holds b-ball during chow or goin and playin racquetball before and after work with gunny, and even boring shit like the paperwork, and morning inspections just came back and i got that 'gawd i miss that' feeling. Anyways i just got to remember the pricks like st louis and kelly and sgmaj flores and thats why i got out. anyways

So i went to red robin for supper. purdy good chow there, and the waitress gave me a card for a tattoo shop she says has really good work and resonable prices. We shall see.... I would love to git a new tat, one on my forearm. I got it picked out, just got to find the right place and the cash to git it done.

Played poker last night and it looked like it was goin to be a good nite. I started off really strong. I was up quick, and people started droppin out quick. We started off with 9 and within an hour we were down to 6. Between 30 and 45 minutes later we were down to 4. I was up up up!!! Then the other three started shitin shamrocks! I swear to god i could win a hand to save my life! Even hands i shoulda won. I would go all in after floppin 2 pair and somebody would call with unpaird suited pocket and git runner runner suit to win. I took some really bad beats, really bad. There wasnt a damn thing i could do, whether we were playin hold'em or ohmaha, i was gittin spanked. I lost prolly close to 200 bucks in the last hour. (50 was what i walked in with, so the other 150 was money i was up with) Blew my friggin mind! Oh well maybe next time...

so i am out, goi nt read and git ready for gittin up at 5am from now on... Later bitches


May 26, 2005
sigh of relief
Current mood:tired

So i just finished my notecard for tomorrows final. I am sooooo not looking forward to it. She expects a 500 word essay in 20 minutes! I doubt i could do a 20 word essay in 500 minutes! Shyt man. I hate werds! ! !

Got to give our presentations 2morrow too. It should be easy, i will just knock out the 5w's and h and move on. I really think i will git an A, but this lady grades strange sometimes. she asks very subjective questions that are hard to answer sometimes. Very tricky she is, the dark side surrounds her.

So my Thursday night bowling league got pushed back till next week, so i stopped by BW# and hung out with the Tara and Linds. It was nice, been too long, and they invited me to go tubin this weekend. Told them i would try.

Summer skewl starts on tuesday, and i am pretty psyched. Not only do i got another math class, but the racquetball courts open back up! Jason ya got a month to beat me, or those donuts are mine! I got TX Govt at 730am, so thats goin to be a pain, and then i got weight liftin at 930, and then i got my Math class at 1130. I hope it is a better teacher than that waste of life Church. She sucked ass.

ok thats it for now, i need to git some sleep i am still all fuckered up from no sleep yesterday. I aint done that since back i nthe Corps, pulled Duty at the Barracks all day, then work all the next day. Its a good feelin, all numb and shyt. Anyways....out bitches


May 26, 2005
Current mood:numb

its almost 4, i got to be up at 6, i got all the gayness outta the way sans the paper on judeo-christian symbology which i will do 2morrowz after a nappy treat after school. i will sammich a nap inbetwwen skewl and bowling. gawd i am goin to suck tomorrowz i know it. oh well i will establish wif a low avg and kcik ass laterz. need sleep. 2 more days till this minimester is over and i git a 3 day break...woohoo? shit summer semester strats tuesday! but at least i will have a math class again. i cant wait! ok will i am out bitches 03:48

May 25, 2005
One down a billion to go....

Ok so now i just finished the GAY ASSED POSTER i had to make for my Humanities class. Yeah you read that right, i had to make a poster, on a poster board with glue and markers and glitter and sequins and; well not really i used a glue stick which is still kinda manly, thats what old Ralph Finnes used in Red Dragon to keep track of his whack job journal, and i typed and printed everything else out. What the fuck is goin on when ya got to make poster boards in College? OOOOHHHHHH yeah i am still in the community college aka 10th and 11 grade. SO fuckin gay. I even choe a subject that was kewl...MATH, actually math and the calendar in the Mayan Civilization, but it got all queered up wif a quickness. Perhaps i shall take Jason's advice and change my subject to the Wookie bowcaster or perhaps Sarlacc. What do ya think?

So yeah i got to write the paper now, and after that write the speech or presentation portion. I alos need to git the essay bout 'why everyone should go to the San antonio Museum of Art' paper knocked out. That is goin to be 750 words of pure BULLSHYT! ! ! If ya like museums, then rawk that shit if ya dont like museums, then lets go to the pub. Ya dont need a gawd damn paper. On top of all that yes theres more, i have to wander around the Jewish Temple behind school and answer a series of question and the type a paper bout it, i got to study for a quiz on Thursday and the final on friday. Dude i love the fast pace of the class, but give us a lil more heads up and LESS GAY ASSIGNMENTS!

So bowling started today and yes thats right i FORGOT all bout it. It started at 7 and i rememebred at 645, so i hual ass and well i woulda bowled better if i had just stayed home damnit. i entered with a 185 avg, which is a 555 series. I barely broke 500, it was like a 509 or some rediculas shyt. My team couldnt string anything, and i was gittin hella splits, but the other team could hit the damn 10 pin and git a strike, it made me sick to my stomach, or that coulda been the 99 cent bowlin ally hot dawgs. Either way we got anally violated sans lube of any kind. This crack head chic on the other team bowled a 742 series. F N A right i was pissed cuz shes got like a 176 avg. Mother fuckin titty suckin two balled bitch! Yeah it really irrates my shyt.

Speakin of which we had a field trip *YEA?* to the Art Museum i whined bout earlier. IT. WAS. GGAAYY. Thats double gay if ya didnt notice. I swear to god our Docent, which queer in and of its self, as a straight up hunchback, it was creepy, very very creepy. Plus she made cracks that seemed uhhh hip to her, but were thats right CREEPY! I was waitin for her to scamper up a rope and strat ringin the bell. Cripes! Why me? WHy does it happen to me? The other guy was kewl, why did i git the reject from the side show?

Those are all rhetorical questions. Jason did i spell that right? Guess what i dont give a rats ass, yeah a big old hairy new york sewer rats ass...

Whats else can i bitch bout? i got to go out ot Pipe Creek this weekend and terminate all those electrical wires and then start runnin all the wires in the walls. Plus mow all the lawns, rip out all the carpet in the garage, and start and finish the walk way for the drive way so we can use all that damn sand in the drive way. Where's my jew so i can start delgatin some of this? Jason, Oi vey?

ANd fianlly on a postive note, Shannon will be in town for the next few days. That is always a good thing. We dont git to see her often enuff but we are all thankful when we do. Can wait to see ya kiddo and graduation should be a hoot!

Well i need to git some sleep for tomorrowz, talk to yall laterz


May 24, 2005
It is my Destiny.....

You were destined to have a Red Lightsaber. Red is the color of fire and blood, so it is
associated with energy, war, danger, strength,
power, and determination as well as passion and
desire. You have seen the Strength and Power of
the Dark Side of the Force and have you thirst
for more of it.

What Colored Lightsaber Would You Have?
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Math/Science Geek 14:43

May 20, 2005
Balance to the Force...
Current mood:blank

Yeah so i caught the Revenge of the Sith today after class. As i thought i was dissappointed. There were a few good things but over all i was really let down. I love the Star Wars, that will neve change but the amount of CGI really makes these new ones hard to believe. Especially in this one, all the clone troopers that take their helmets off, their heads do not match the bodies. And the scenes jump around way too much. Anyways. its over, its fianlly over. So the Spring Semester went well. All "A's", and keepin the 4.0 afer 41 hrs. Again so not impressed with the Community College. I am takin the Maymester right now. Got a week left. Its actually a good class i am enjoyin it more than any other class i have taken, except Math of course! Anyways Summer Semesters start on the 31st and i am takin 8 hrs per semester, the first semester is pre-cal, state govt and weight training; the second semester is statistics, world civ, and advanced racquetball. Well thats bout it, not too much more goin on. yall take it sleazy... 22:25

Apr 30, 2005
Got muh fix....Kinda

SO i got a lil Poker in today! YES it was sweeettttt.... Last Day of class WOO HOO! Guess who didnt show up???? Any guesses? Thats right my professors...PLURAL. Neither decided that the last day held any signifigance i guess, so yes i drove down to the Main campus for nothing today, it WAS wonderful, or not...depending on how good ya are at guagin my bullshit. So i got my Philo and Engl finals on Wednesday and my Gubment and Spanglish finals on Thursday, and my racquetball final on Saturday, and then the Semester be done yo! I know it is to soon to say, but i really do think i got "A's" in everything, so i am stoked bout that. I just really hope that holdin a 4.0 will git me some kinda scholarship when i head to the University. That would REALLY help out a lot. I got to finish up my GAY ASSED journal for English and start and finish writin my final essay. Its got to be an argumentive paper on a controversial issue. I chose glazed vs jelly-filled. It should prove a to be of historical signifigance some day. Really i chose the death penalty and how we should continue to execute minors and retards, and every one else really. I saw a thing today in the paper bout an organization commited to the extinction of the human race. They go around encouraging people not to reproduce. I AM ALL BOUT THAT SHIT! Anyways... So yeah School is done for the spring semester on sunday and i start the Maymester on monday. I am takin Humanities so i dont think it will be all that difficult., and then right after that summer school starts! Yea! Gawd this school thing is turnin out to be like an F'n job or some shit....fuck. SO other than goin to school for absolutely no reason, i ran a bunch of erands. I sold back all my books from this semseter for a whoppin37 bucks! Damn i am goin to buy a PONY, for my favorite midgit stripper. Cuz thats all 37 bucks can buy, a small horse for a small whore. I also fought with the VA at bout St Philips and SAC. JEEZ iwhen i have to deal with them it just reminds me of all the BULLSHIT in the military. Fuck, i just want to git a degree damnit, yall are one big school district, fuckin figure out a system and both of yall use it damnit!. Needless to say i am fucked either way i go, so might as well take the dickin now and git it over with. Semper Fi Green Weenie! SO the highlight of the day was goin over to the Hymus's abode and playin some angery angery cribbage and then some friendly poker. It was sad, but it was poker. Then the fat crew got hungry and we headed to the Jim's on O'Conner. Byt the way, has anyone ever dined at the Jims on O'Conner and not been creeped out by one thing or another. Needless to say the Jim's on O'Conner is OFF F'N LIMITS for a while. DAMN! Boy howdy can i attract them huh? F N A Cotton WTF was that?! How old was she? 40s? 50s? Either way she was just my type huh?! I got to remember to turn the charm down when i go out, cuzi think if we had stayed any longer i would had a pair of moist granny panties given to me. Why me man? Why me? And someone asked me why i am bitter today....nuff said dude, you were there. So tomorrow is the last day of racquetball and tennis for a while. I also got a Cousins bar be que out in Castoville i am really lookin forward to! We are goin to cook and eat and driank and play washers all F'n day and i am sure late late into the night. Its goin to be great to see everyone. By the way my granny got out of the hospitol and is doin great! she will have a few weeks of physical therapy, and then she will be back to her runnin round. I can only hope to be half as spraye as her when i am 89. 2 broken hips in a year, and shes still rearin to go. Mad props to the granny. Last lil bit here, i am startin slow and by myself, but gittin the sign language started. If anyone out there knows any and can help, hook a brother up. There is this kewl webstie, that teaches ya the alphabet and then quizes ya over things by finger spellin them. I am really enjoyin it and hope i can fit ASL (American Sign Language) into my schedule in the fall. Well later bitches, i gotta git some sleep...taker sleazy 00:02

I love you! haha admin is WORSE than the military...they suck here too...I actually think its a prerequisite to work there! and I agree on the money for books! :)

basically i agree with your whole blog! Enjoy your summer...i still have 3 finals to go!
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Apr 20, 2005
Another Poker Jones
Current mood:lonely

JEEEZZZZZZZ I just want to go to Vegas and play the tables. This playin once every couple months with the Cadillac folks, playin online with a bunch of putzes, watchin it on TV, and playin cards while we bowl just aint cuttin it. Shit! Fuck! Damn! School is done in two weeks, but then i start back the next monday...I amn takin the Maymester and both summer semesters. Humanities in the Maymester, and Govt, Pre-cal, and Weight Training first summer semester, and IDST, Statistics, and Racquetball in the second summer semester. I am goin to be f n a busy , Cotton. I am tryin to figure out my Fall Classes right now, i Know i will be taking Engl, Span, Physics, a Math and a Kine of some kind, but i am also thinkin bout takin a ASL (American Sign Language) if i can fit it in. I have wanted to take it for a long time, but have never really had the time or motivation cuz most schools dont recognize it as a foreign language. Plus Dana Signs and thats HOT..... Who wants to play cards damnit! It aint got to be for money, we will just divy up the chips and play for pride, though a good money game is ALWAYS accepted. comeon damnit ya know ya want to !!!! Well i better git back to studyin, i got a lot to git done in English in the next two weeks if i want to keep git an "A" so i can keep my 4.0.... Talk to yall laterz and let me know if yal got any games i can sit in on.... 15:30

Apr 10, 2005
Poker or Poke her.....again

I liked the title before so i am usin it again.... So..... I guess first of all still sux a throat full of chode. Gubment is down to the borin shit of talkin bout the 3 branches, i mean gubment is ALL boring, but this part is just so fn gay. Doin well anyways so that ok. Spanglish...OH GAWD! Where do i start? Well since returning from Spring Break, we have had a Spanish class yet. We have talked bout the Shivo shit out in Florida, the Israili-Palastinian conflict, Depression Era children and how their strange mannerisms, the military, boderline personality disorder, Old Christians, Nazi's and anti-semites, and an asortment of "other" topics....oh yeah and reflexive pronouns....I cant wait to see the final. Philosophy is sooooo f n slow too, that is when the professor shows up. It is his last class of the day and well he either shows up 10 minutes late and lets us out 10 minutes early, or he doesnt show up at all. Finally my English Flex class. It is soooo gay too. We have to keep this damn journal, and write papers on stupid ass subjects. The class work aint too bad, pretty simple so i aint doin too bad. I got to go pick up my honors certificate from the deans office on monday. gotta git a frame for that bad boy, i got the perfect place to hang it up right next to the toilet paper roll. Racqetball have i mentioned how much i love racquetball? Yeah its goin well, oh except the other day when i got nailed in the face and cut my eye open...yeah not kewl, but makin up storys was the next day....Jason saw a guy wearin a T-Shirt that says: I make shit up. I want that shirt damn it, so if anyone sees it, let me know where! The Washer season opened the other night. We had the reignin Champs Dad and Jamus vs. Jason and me. Well Jason and i were on our way to destroyin them when we got a call from my grannys lil "help i've fallen and cant git up" thingie. We jumped in the tracker and few. She lives down on the souithside. We got there and sure nuff she fell and broke her other hip, other means last January she fell and broke the first one. So we stayed with her at the ER till they got her is a room. They were goin to do surgery, but the anastesiologist wanted to run tests on her heart first. The tests are NOT good, so they did not do the surgery yet, which means she is layin in the hospitol ALL day with a broke ass hip. Hopefully tomorrow they will git it done. We were supposed to be headed out to H-Town for Micheal's wedding, but that got cancelled. Not the wedding, just our goin to the wedding. So now were to the good part...i think. Dana. LOL Thats all i got to say....mmmm mmmmmmm bitch thats good shit! I just got from playin poker over with my aunt and her friends. It was out blanco road, outside the loop. Super nice house. His garage is bigger than our house! It was my pleasure to take their money. I walked out 148 dollas up! The most exciting hand was pretty early in the night but damn it was awesome. I got dealt pocket ace's. so i raised the beteveryone called till it got to this guy named jerry or something, he called and went all in. Well in this game they play 5 dollars is all in soi am like hells yeah this guy is playin right into me, i call. Everyone gits out cept me and him, the pot is like 17 bucks, not too big. We rolled our cards and it was my 2 ace's vs his 2 five's. I had a COMMANDING lead. The flop came five, ace, five! FFFFFUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKKK!!!!!!! Hes got 4 five's, i got 3 ace's....the turn was a blank, like an 8 or something, no help, the river....ACE!!!!!! I beat his 4 fives with 4 aces. Shit i was sweattin bullets! All in all it was a good night, i played pot odds, and not card odds and came out ahead. I didnt even plan on playin tonight, cuz i was thinkin bout takin Dana out to a movie, supper, bowlin or pool or something. She ended up havin to work, so maybe next time....Now i can afford a nice nite out! Yay for Cadillac employees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 02:50

Mar 21, 2005
Captain's Log, Star Date who-da-fuk-cares...Journals are gay
Current mood:tired

Been a while.... First off i am shaveded. Last weekend i took the clippers to the heads and now have clean shorn pates. I am tellin everyone that i ran out of shampoo, and was too cheap to go buy a new bottle so the only alternative was this. Gotten a lot of looks from the people in class, not sure wheher it is gud or bad...i wonder what Hot Dana will think....HA HA HA!!! i like the bald head, the hair just aint me, but i miss the goat. I was the only one so oh well..... Classes are pretty much the same. I picked up an English class on the flex two, so i am back up to 17 hours. I got a thing in the mail the other day that i made the deans list. u got to be kiddin me right? the deans list at the community college? Its an F'n joke. They are havin a lil ceremony in a few weeks and all the honorees are goin to have like lil candles and then light one big candle or some shit symbolizin the flame of knowledge. Fuck Just give me my gawd damn diploma already!!! F'n gay...... So spring break was last week. it sure is nice to be back to school, cuz the vaction kicked my ass! My dad took off work for the week and we worked out asses off all F'n week. We finally finished the patio in the front yard and just need to lay brick in the back yard. Dad will be pickin up thew last pallet tomorrow after work. We also got 5 cubic yards of top soil to spread on the yard. thats a mother fuckin LOT of gawd damn dirt. I also had to do my normal shit durin the week, like mow my grandmothers' yards and my other mom down the street and ours. Bowled on wednesday for my moms team, and had to take my hypocondriac grandmother to the doctors office on tuesday. JEEZ she is Queen Psycho! Not even goin to go into that shit, but needless to say she came out with more symptoms that she went in with. Had to play nice with the family on Saturday cuz my mom invited them over for a birthday supper. All it did was git in the way of workin on the patio and the yard. On top of all this i had to write a friggin English paper, write a few journal enteries and read a shit load bout Jean-Jaques Rousseau, what a whiney lil fag. Lets git back to Machiavelli, now theres a bad mam-ba-jama. Thinkin bout it, i should be finishin up writin my paper now instead of this, but i really dont see that happenin. And fianlly i was tricked into goin to see Cats. Long story short, i am white trash, i like bein white trash, and have NO GAWD DAMN DESIRE TO EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER SEE ANOTHER MO FUCKIN PLAY, BALLET, OR WHAT THE FUCK EVER IT WAS! EEE VVV EEE RRR !!! Are we clear? good :-) SO whats comin up...Easter, YAY cuz my lil niece is comin in to town...i am whoopped...shes just sooo gawd damn cute. now lets keep this shit simi real, i dont want a kid, i like other folks havin kids, so i can give them back if the poop or cry. And for all those who actually read my fuckin nonsense i got my uncle name figured out....i am uncle bubba...makes sense, my sis has called me that my whole life....i like it. Tomorrow i got to go replace the hot water heater over at my grannys house after class, then come home and hopefully git started on the patio. if not thats kewl too cuz we got a long weekend this week. I started a new bowling league on monday nights after class at 9:30pm. Its a 5 week league 9 bucks a week and we git a 100 dolla ball out of it so its all gud. I bowled it today, bowled a 213 and a 191. Its only a 2 game leage and its "cosmic" which means the turn out the lights and tun on the black lights and smoke machines and blare bad music. Spring trainin for washers boys! yall need to make some friends so that i can beat someone else other than you two puttzes. Dad and i got to git ready for the cousins supper next month out in castroville. You pedrottis are goin down! Well talk to u bitched laterz...snoochie boochies fags 23:50

Sandra Sanchez
Awe CATS...I made Jason come to that with me...we go in and sit down and he is looking at the program and he looks up at me and ask, "is this nothing but singing," and I said "well it is a musical." He wasn't happy about see it at all. We also saw a symphony performances, and the Nutcracker that we had a butt load of culture for the non-cultured people we are. So I decided he deserves a break...and no more culture for a while. You are quite the little worker bee. The Omish sure do keep their boys busy!
Reply(1)6 years ago

Justin Sadler
did you make him go to all that cuz you didnt want to git pregnant agai for a while? cuz that much gayity surely is not good for a man...and yes we Omish try to keep busy...idle hands are the devils tools...and the devil uses my hands too much :-(
6 years ago

Feb 27, 2005
Wookiees and good potts and blue ballz oh my!!!!!
Current mood:satisfied

Allllllllrrrriiiggghhhtttyyyy then.... Ok so first of the school overview. Pre-Cal is really suckin ass. The teacher is just a puttz and as much as it pains me to say it, i will be goin to tutorin next week. Anyone has got to be better than this fruit loop. Philosophy is pretty kewl. The prof is a libbo hound. I dont know what that is in civilian terms ,but he loves to leave early. Everyday he is 10 minutes late and lets us out at least 5 minutes early. His gradin system rocks too...i wont go into it, all i can say is its near impossible NOT to ace the class. Gubment is my favorite class right now. Let me clarify...It is my favorite class to attend, i HATE the subject.(Tully insert all yer civil rights and republican jokes here) I really suck at govt, but the class rules. Where are quite a few hot chicks; 3 or four preppy guys that wear F'n pink all the time; some chick that will believe anything , and i mean ANYTHING she hears (such as she heard blacks were going to lose their right to vote in 2008); a chick that brings her laptop in everyday but i never see her type notes, all i see her do is play spider solitare; a stoner couple that consistantly comes in 5 minutes late everyday cuz they were like hotboxin out in the parkin lot; and finally there is Fatty McFirstrow. Good Lord she is good times...She sits right the fuck in front of the prof and FALLS ASLEEP! Not only that, but she snores/grunts/moans/warrbles...It is amazing. I swear to god it sounds like Chewbacca is consitantly asking the prof questions. Anyways we have a test in there on tuesday, so got to remember to study for that...or not, who knows. Spanglish is another good time. We talk the whole time sometimes bout where people grow up and shit..There is no learnin goin on in that class. The other day the class(me and this other guy) got into a uhhhh debate, on why people from the US are arogant enuff to call ourselves Americans. Hector if yer readin this, if ya thought my blood pressure was high the other day... Anyways he goes into this whole thing bout how mexicans and canadians and every other country on the continent were considered Americans and that we didnt own the right to it. It didnt end pretty, but me tires werent slashed so alls well. And finally there is Racquetball. Everything is goin good there, no big surprises. I have been gittin back into bowlin since i have been subbin for my moms wednesday mornin team. I am carryin over a 200 avg, so i went and got a new ball the other day. My cousin is married to a guy that runs a proshop, so he hooked me up. I rolled a few games with it and it is sswweeeeeettttttt. Its got a monster flip at the end. Watch out Brunswick...i got yer number now beotch. I have also been tryin out for the SAC intramurals tennis team. Its ruff gittin back into tennis when i aint played since junior high, but i am enjoyin it. It is also tuff to git out of the racquetball habits cuz they are two totally different stratagies. I am still playin alot of racqetball, and now that the weather is warmin up cant wait to start scuba divin again! Gawd it will be good to git wet again...i need to latch on to a group goin to Florida..we will see. Karma can eat my ass with a spoon! I got shit on today in a MAJOR way. The weather sucked all day. There was supposed to be a racquetball tournament this mornin so Jason and i headed down there on the bright. The weather suxed ass. SO i was hittin all kinds of puddles...ya had to be there i guess. ANyways when we git on San Pedro there is a bum and i was goin to drive by and splash them. Tully persuaded me not to, but then added that i was goin to git NAILED in the ballz for doin that. Fuckin sure enuff what the fuck happens? Thats right the twins were assulted. F N A!!!! Anyways that sucked...fuck Karma. I went and played Poker tonght...YAY! Satisfied my Jones. It was a good night. I played extremely tight and ended up bout 85 bucks ahead. There were alot of really nice pots, and took my share of them. I swear its a good thing i dont live in Yuma anymore. That would be bad what with the 2 casinos sooooooo close to base. I felt sorry, cuz my Aunt and Uncle, who invited me, lose like 60 or 70 bucks, so i am buyin them and my folks breakfast in the AM. Thats where i will leave it for now. Need to be up in a few hours. Take it slaezy and shuffle up and deal bitches!!!!!! 02:14

Feb 21, 2005
Poker Jones
Current mood:amused

Sittin here on a Sunday nite, Monday mornin watchin some Texas hold'em and Jonesin big time to play:( god damn gamblin monkey...git off my back!!!! So Jeremy got home today! good times and so glad yer back brother. I didnt call him tonight, but will tomorrow. Cant wait to see ya man. So the last couple weeks have been uneventful. same old shit different day ya know. We had a big tado for my dads 61st b-day last week, so the sis came in and i got to see baby Kiera, shes got me wrapped round her finger already, wish i could load pics in my journals and show yall how damn cute she be. school is still pretty lame. pre cal sux nuts, and philo is very dry and slow. gubment is good times for the most part, there is always someone to laff at...yeah she snores...good times. spanish is lame we had our first test the other day and a deaf blind mute parapalegic in a coma coulda aced it...I guess racquetball would have to be my best class. even though its a beginners class i am learnin a few things. I got to play the coach the other day and even though i KNOW he was goin easy and playin with his opposite hand, i know i played well and that stokes me...then the psych out talkin bout food are a worthy advasary Hector...i salute you.... So i got a call from my buddy Yazzie up in Killeen. He and his family were drivin down to go to the zoo, and asked if i would tour guide for them. I was all over it! It was good to see them again. We were really close when i lived out in Yuma. They opened their home to me and even took me back to the Reservation and treated me like family. The kids are growin up quick and Yaz and his wife are doin really well. We hung out at the zoo all day and had a great time, we even saw the Lindsey there..very wierd...never ever seen her without the Tara or Amanda...didnt know what to say. After the zoo we headed over to the spaghetti warehouse and had a really great supper from a lousy waitress. never ever ever had a had a server this bad....EVER. But long story short we had a wonderful lil reunion and cant wait to go up to see the kids play soccer one of these weekends. Well yall take it eezz and i will talk at yall laterz.... 03:06

Yay for old friends and good times ;) tell those crazzy yazzies hello for me :P
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Feb 8, 2005 :-(
Current mood:numb

So we had our first math test today. it blew goats... Heres the background....I spent most the weekend on and off studyin for it. The realitor, my so called teacher, just said do a couple problems from each chapter and we should be good. YEAH RIGHT! SO i said i studyied on and off all weekend and decided to 'cram' b4 the test. I spent bout 7 hours studyin a math book, yeah do u know how hard it is to read a math book? Not ez at all. So i read and work work and read and when i heard the rain out side i looked at the clock and it was almost 4 am...Shit i need to be up in 2 hours! I thought bout just stayin up, but figured i needed some sleep...W R O N G ! ! ! ! ! ! I woke up at 7:44am....Class starts at....thats right 7:40. I am already 4 minutes late...i dont rememebr a damn thing cept next thing i know i am in class, like 12 minutes late. It was one of those times i should look down and still wearin my draws, but luckily i was wearin clothes. I git the F'n test and needed a fork lift to git it back to my desk. It was a total of like 13 pages. 3 pages of answer sheets, one scratch page and like 7 or 8 pages of test. There was like a total of 30 questions but each had like 3 or 4 answers. Fuck Fuck Fuck...ok class is 70 minutes, and i have already lost 15 or 20. I got some numbers to crunch toot sweet! I start my magic.. i git in my zone and then the realitor said ok everyone turn it in...what what what? ? ? I look around and everyone looks just like me. NOBODY FINISHED!!!! I hadnt done the last 5 or 6 problems, which is like almost 12 to 20 answers. AAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The lowest grade i have made on a math test since i have been back in college is a 104! and now look at this shit...I hate this teacher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So i will let yall know how horrible i ended up doin on on Wednesday hopefully. But cheer up Sadman you got a gubment test tomorrow and maybe Jason cant beat ya by a point again.....GAWD yer such a puttz! take it eezz bitches.... 01:28

Feb 1, 2005
Jason had blue balls bouncin off his ass!
Current mood:sore

So not too much goin on since the last blog... Pre-Cal is a bitch cuz the teacher is a nit-wit. Does that rhyme? Anyway... So we have our first test next monday and i have NO clue whats goin to be on it. This is a real eye opener...what an F'n twit. Phil is a breeze as is Gubment. By the way, Jason what happened on the Govt test? I thought you aced it? but but but...u only got one point more. one point...yer goin down hill... Span is uhhhh yeah spanish is interesting. The teacher doesnt teach shit...the class loves her, and she thinks i am a language major with the 'insight' i seem to have...WTF?!?!!!? ME??? INSIGHTFUL??? Yeah right... We sit in there and talk bout why we take Spanish and what our goals are, and nuts nuts nuts... Anyways.... Racquetball rawks....Jason got to be part of not hot Dana's crotch all day Saturday. He was really diggin it. I think Hector has forgoten all bout me... so so so sad. Anyways i think he tried to lick my armpit and then after i didnt put out he moved on to Jason, who we all know digs anything with a pulse...Dana & Hector thats 2 sides of a triangle of love...they need you Jason. Anyway all in all Jason is really gittin a lot better, just keep it up...and you will beat Hot Dana next time...maybe even greasy and roach. Other than that we hit up the Terrorist Donuts and they were sad sad sad....since we stopped goin its like they cant afford flour. We are soooo sorry Habib... Not too much else, moms doin good after her biopsy, and we will have some results in a few days. I will be bowlin for her tomorrow. Thats scary, i aint bowled in months! Kiera is growin like a weed and will be huntin and fishin before ya know it...:-D FUCK THAT SHIT...I JUST SAW SNOW...3 FUCKIN INCHES IN JUNCTION ... FUCK THAT SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 22:33

Jan 22, 2005
I Have Voluntary Pectoral Spasms...Or So I Hear....
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So the second week is over. It was a short week so thats ALWAYS nice. We are finally gittin into some new material in Pre-Cal...kinda. Its stuff we did in High School, but at least its not the same shit we have been doin in the last 3 classes of math. We are on the 6 trig functions...impress me and tell me what hey are Jason...Just kiddin convert 3/5 into a decimal.HA HA AH AH AH HAAAAA. Phil is not too bad. The Dr is kewl and really laid back. I think i am goin to like that class. Gubment is suckin sweaty ballz. Its so lame and boring and gay and we have a test on tuesday. study or dont....and the coin flip says.....rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr <====drum roll.....Study. shyt. Might need the book. Lets see...oh yeah spanglish... Its not SO bad. Much better than chabacrow, but castration is better than chabacrow, so its not too hard to git better. The dr is pretty laid back there too, but we are learnin proper spanish, WHICH NO ONE SPEAKS! All i need is Tex Mex and i am in there. Oh well, i think i will pull an A. Spanish lab is a joke. We sit there and listen to cassete tapes and when we git done the monitor will stamp our workbooks. I got a sticker that said, " Yer Grape!" It smelled lil a dead babys coffin....shyt. That leaves Racquetball. well first of all when we got to class last week we had to git our blood pressur and pulse checked. Mine was 184 ocer 96....and like pulse of 140. The coaches eyes bout exploded. He didnt believe me when i siad we had just been playin, but who cares... I rechecked it before the class was over and it was back down to 140ish over like 84 and a pulse of lil 90ish. Afte that we took some "notes" on racquetball. Oh yeah before that we had to inroduce ourselves and a bit bout us. Well when it got to me i said my name and told them that i had played quite a bit of racquetball and that i was a Math Major and Kine Minor and i was in the Marine Corps for 8 yrs... The coach asked something bout overseas something or another and i told him that i spent most of 2003 over there and then "dana" who we shall git to know better, started the 'Clap'. Gawd it was imbarassin. Jason wet himself laffin. So after the intros and notes we went down to the courst and ran some drills and gay shyt like that. The whole time everytime i looked behind me Dana was STARIN HARDCORE at me. I have never felt creeped out by a chick, but mission accomplished. That was bout it, this week the staring continued and now coach was starin to crepp me out. He used me in EVERY F'n example, and said i was a stud. Whoa big guy, i am flattered, but i dont play that game. He was all sayin i bet you can make yer pecs dance and shit. So we worked on more drills, drives, lobs and some serves and shit. He then split us up into pairs to play a lil. Well he stuck me with this guy and that guy was all whinin bout i should have to play left handed. What a puts...SO after a while we did play left haned and then played full speed. I had him runnin all over the court. Then coach took me in a court and served me like 10 different serves and i missed 2, it just so happens i missed one and the other was a really good nearly unreturnable serve, but when we came out he made sure to point out that i cant return corner shots or lobe shots...w h a t e v e r.... Thats the short curlies of the week. Dad was in H town for most the week and is goin to Dallas for a few this week. Dawan and Kevin brought in the bebe this wekend. She is such a good baby. really a cutie. (thats her in my profile pic) Already a fat kid in trainin...shes hungery. The Jamus and Jason came over tonight after i had supper at the IHOP with the Christine and we played a game of risk...the red(neck) army rulz the world bitches! all bow before General Cletus! Well i am off see yas wouldnt wanna be yas.... 03:10

kimmy thinks your hot stuuf too!
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Jan 14, 2005
First week of Class...or...Community college can eat my ass
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So the first week of school is over...for the most part. I still have 2 classes this afternoon, and one tomorrow on saturday, but i aint expectin any surprises there. On top of school i have been babysitti nthe pops, since the moms is in Houston helpin the sis with the new bebe.Dad went huntin yesterday and will be gone till sundayish, and the moms will be back today sometime. That means the aunt sandy will be home too! YAY...dont tell anyone but i miss that lil dawg.... So classes. Monday was a cluster fuck...a real f'n abortion. First of all my first class is Pre-Cal and its at 740 in the AM! whats the F was i thinkin?! So anyways i git to class and Harold, one of the guys i tutored last semester is in the class. We sit there and listen to this lady babble on bout her sylibi and shit and then shes like lets git review review...WTF? When ya take history ya dont review the last history ya took, no ya just start learnin...same with english and well EVERY other F'n subject. Why is the first month or so review from the last class...TEACH ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyways...After Pre-Cal at the NE campus i had TX Hist over at the Main Campus....CANCELED! Assholes! I cant believe that they canceled it. WTF? Everyone says that its not cost effective. Well i paid. i paid and assload. The school is makin money, teach the F'n class jackholes. So since History got canceled it means i fell below 12 hours of GI Bill classes, so i would: A. have to find another class at the same time, B. find another class at a different time that would still work with my schedule, or C. change majors so that my 4 hour math class counted. I chose C. I had to run around campus to a billion different offices and wait in twice as many lines git the paper work done. In the mean time i had to go to Philosophy. Got to class and there were on two other people in it and the prof was 15 minutes late. So i go insearch of the Phil office and find out WTF is goin on. Apparently they changed the room to a room upstairs. So i go back tell the girls and we head up stairs. Whne we git to the class there is a class in session and a note on the door sayin Phil 1301-005 is moved back down to the room NEXT DOOR to the one we were in. ASSHOLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So we go back down there and the prof is there with like 4 other kids. He hands out his materials and says that with as few people that showed up the class will prolly not make. Great for i will have to find anothe class so that i can still git money from the V/A. The prof is pretty kewl. I like him, and the next class period more people showed up, so it looks like the class will make....cross yer fingers. My tuesday thursday classes are gubment in the AM at NE campus and Spanglish over at the maincapus i nthe afternoon. Again tuesday mornin Jason and i got to class early, but the class room changed to the other F'n building. We headed over there and sat thru his whole shpeel bout the way he does class...blah blah is a chick in the front of class, lets call her oh...Fatty Mc Firstrow. The girl is retarded. The prof asks all kinds of rhetorical questions ya know and she trys to answer them all. One was something to the effect of under the articles of confedreation the national govt could not tax, so how would they make money? This chick busts out with they could have a bake sale! Shut yer Jizz Jar!!!! Retards the all of them! After gubment i headed down to the main campus for spanish. Ogt there and i swear to god i thought i had ms chabacrow minus the glasses! It turns out though that she is pretty kewl. We laffed and joked alot in the first two classes and thats good in my book. So today i got Spanish lab for the first time. it should be interseting. By that i mean gay, but u know. really not lookin forward to it. If i have to sit at a booth with head fones on and play like i am 6 yrs old learnin the sounds barn yard animals make....moooooo...And tomorrow we have raquetball for the first time. I really really really hope that is NOT like the beginin class i saw the other day. If it is, lord have mercy on everyone in that class. tt was soooo lame the coach was in there with everyone and he was the only one with a raquet, and everyone just watched him. Please, oh please DONT DO THAT TO ME! But now that i know it, i expect it, and dread it, but will not be surprised. The Jason and Jamus and i are playin raquetball just bout everyday now. I know that i prolly will whether or not they can show up. plus Jason wants to start workin out, so we are goin to check out the weight room today. Oh yeah, we played doubles with this lil hottie yesterday. Jason was fallin all over himself to impress her. It was heeeeelarious! But i invited her to play with us anytime cuz we were prolly goin to play everyday. Well i got to wrap this up an make a samich and head off to school. Talk to u fuckers...oh sorry John, talk to you bitches laterz.... 11:01

Well I hope you get all your classes taken care of! And I wish you were here to play racquetball with me! I played the other day w/a girlfriend....I know Im not the greatest but she, well....sucked! :smile:
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Jan 10, 2005
"When are you goin to find a nice girl and settle down?"

So i am an uncle. Its startin to sink in. We drove out to see my sis and the baby this weekend. It is prolly the most surreal thing i have ever experienced. Even more surreal then boot camp or goin to the middle east. Those were the most tramatic things, but this tops both. Most everyone has ya know nine or so months to git ready for the birth and the whole experience. Adoption on the other hand...whoaaaaaa... I found out the day the baby was born, got the call and i was an uncle. blew my mind. So we waited till they got the baby home and went out there to begin the spoiling. Weleft Sat mornin round 7ish. My mom and dad drove in the burban and i followed with both grandmothers in the caddie. It was miserable! they talked the whole time, from this to that, from atheist ruin the world to bowel movements...i wanted to roll that car over a cliff... didnt happen. We got there and mom emdiatlly grabbed the kid and rarely put her down the whole time. She even stayed out and wont be home till wednesday. Anyways. Mom, dad, me, nanaw, granny, uncle gardy, 4 of dawnas friends, some people from the congregation and friends from Seguin. It was a FULL F'n house. On the plus side there were a few cute chicks... Everyone was talkin bout pooin and breast milk and shit so i high tailed it to the kitchen and helped fix lunch. So after we ate and everyone started to take off i got some baby time, held her and watched the football game. The whole day was like is this real? My sis and folks have wanted this for so long, can it really be true. Its just like the whole day that at the end we were goin to have to give the baby back to the mom...but not this time...its ours...i have a niece. deep. very very deep. We visited a lil more took ass loads of pics, and if i knew how to put them in the blogs i would, but i too 80 pics myself... With all the people that were there i was soooooooooo stoked that the in-laws were outta state. It would have been MISERABLE!. We ended up leavin round 6ish and got home round 8ish. It was a long f'n drive home too. jeez, dont old people talk bout anything normal??? So we git home and i crash out... Spent most of the day vegin out. And the rest of it waitin for tomorrow to git here and School to start. Woohoo....PreCal at 7:30am! Went to lunch at the Fridays and then over to the cd exchange. Picked up the presidents of the united states and came home. Took down all the christmas shit and rearranged the livin room. Now its almost 1100, and i am ready for bed. talk to yall laterz.... 01:01

Jan 2, 2005
Happy New Years Fucker's
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Well Happy Happy F'n New Year and all that shit. Anyways so this is more bout Wednesday and Thursday than today. Wednesday was the Alamo Bowl and Dan And Jason bein queer, i mean Ohio fans went downtown to what turned out not to be a football game. Musta been all the booster money. Guess Ohio has to have something goin for it, so they pay their proud. Anyways, they went down to the Alamo Bowl while Shannon, Tang, Jameus and I met up at the Whiskey Zulu. It was good times, the Nad and Jason met us there after the game. I think i already wrote bout this but if i didnt, it was a laff riot. So Shannon said Sandy and baby Jacob were comin into town and i wanted to see the baby. She said they were doin dinner and i didnt want to invite myself, but she said come along. So Thurday was a pretty lame day. Hung out and worked out in the garage puttin all those extra damn boxes that my folks keep around "just in case". I dunno, dont aske me. I can see a few boxes, but i stopped countin at 50. So i git that done and run by the Hero's and Fantasies to see if the Damien was around. Shannon wanted his . to catch up with him, but he wasnt there. I talked to Trent awhile, they are all playin that World of Warcraft game i bought and got fucked over, and though they made it sound really kewl, i still aint payin the $20 a month that they are payin to play. So after that there was so time to kill before supper over at the Alamo Cafe so i went to the Borders to walk around. After that i got to The resturant at 7:25ish and waited or the Shannon and Sandy and family to show up. I was NOT goin in there by myself. Though i new everyone minus the husbands and wifes, i NEVER EVER talked to any of them. They were all Class of 94 and 95. The only people other than Shannon and Sandy i really new was James Chapa, and only cuz he was my ASII Flight Comm. Other than that they were all strangers. Shannon and i found the end of the table and traded turns laffin and havin panic attacks. After we finally settled down it was kewl. Very little converstion other than with Shannon and Sandy, but towards the end James came down and we talked a lil. I liked Pete, hes a funny guy. All and all it was extremely akward, but its over now. Wonder if our group will ever do anything like that. And if we do, i am sick that day;-) Ok well today was kewl stayed at home and watched the Law and Order SVU marathon all day. I actually flipped between that and the Poker Tourny marathon. Round 1:00ish i grilled some steaks and baked some taters and we chowed down. My mom said that Aunt Marion invited us over for poker so we headed over there. We made some Chili, bought some tamales and made some Chili con Queso. It was really good. Hit the spot. We played poker for a good 3 or 4 hours and i ended up losin bout $24.50. My mom won 24 or so bucks and my sis and her hubby made bout 26 bucks. Aunt Marion and Uncle Jim broke even pretty much. Dad hated the game and lost quick, he was playin to lose, but he made his money last bout 2 hours. All in all it wasa agood New Yrs. Do i have any resolutions? Fuck NO! You cant improve on this kinda perfection! Just kiddin. I think i am goin to eat better, git in shape and save money. They sound pretty much like the same ones i break every year, but we'll see. Again Happy New Years Fucker's, hope yall have a good one.... 01:54

Dec 29, 2004
F'n HOSED!!!!!!
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SO i went to the Taget today to just buy a friggin lamp and ended up buyin a video game for myself, and one for my brother in law (for his B-day). I had read on the back of them that the first month of play on line was free, but figured that i didnt need to play on line cuz i did want to, and i wasnt that good anyways, i just liked the game. Oh yeah by the Way the one i got for me was World of Warcraft, and the one i got for my bro-n-law was called Star Wars Galaxies. So anyways after burnin 33 cd's for the care package we are sendin to Jeremy, i finally git around to loadin the game. Took a while but after i go it loaded i watched the intro. Looked really kewl and i was gittin stoked! SO finally it gits to the log in screen and i figure i will log in and play a while, knowin full well that i would die quickly, but i wanted to see the game play and what not. SO i try, and try, and try yet again thinkin that i MUSt be doin something wrong, so when all else fails, git a hooker. No no no i go the game manual. So i start readin it and i'll be darned if it doesnt say right there in the FRIGGIN BOOK ya GOTTA be connected to the internet to play. Well fuck me runnin damn it. They gave me the first month free, but fail to tell ya how much they charge afte that. Then they expect ya to put a credit card . on yer profile thing. Damn i must be in the Corps again with all these hidden clauses. So i am out 50 bucks. Let me know if ya want a video game on the cheap! laterz.... 05:20

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Dec 27, 2004
Cock Blocked !!!!!!
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Whenever that Tang shows up good times are always had. So yesterday Dans son, Ashton, was baptised on Randolph. It was a Catholic Mass and it was extremely uncomfortable. After that we went to the gattiland for pizza and some good clean family fun. Baby Guy is an eatin machine, makes a fat kid cry....I am proud of ya kiddo! So after the gattiland i headed home and got outta my suit and watched some football, GO TEXANS! After that i took a nappy treat and got to work cleanin up the room after Christmas exploded all over it. I got all the gifts out of the boxes and packages and put up, and took the trash out. Dan called and was wonderin what we were doin that night. I told him pool or cards and after talkin to Jason we decided on poll. So we went ot the Fast Eddies, and i found out that Jason called the Tang. Good call Jason. I got to git Johns . again, i lost it some how. Anyways Dan shows up and we play some doubles. Jason tells of his adventures with the miss skankalicious, and John made some awesome comments bout creepy guys, phenominal! So we called Shannon and she was on her way up. We were puttin the table away when i told Jason thet Tang was talkin to his girl and said ya better git over there and cock block, and he took off like a bullet! John came over and was like I knew he would come over there if i were talkin to her. Good Call John. So while Jason is talkin to his next disappoinment, Dan John and i sit up at the bar shootin the shit. Shannon got there and we talk for a while and then John goes over to fuck with Jason and his VD love. After a few minutes we decide to go to Palapas, but had to change to Jims cuz Palapas are closed on Sundays. GAY! So we had to Jims, git there and sit down and the hilarity continues. We talk and catch up and make fun and it was just all around great times. It was nice to have everyone together. They called Americo and woke his ass up, John scored some free music off Shannon and the rest is a blur. We took off and headed home with the planning of a trip to the Whiskey Zulu on wednesday night to make fun of the miss wells! 13:19

Sandra Sanchez
I don't think Shannon's mom likes you anymore...she didn't appreciate you taking her daughter to a strip bar....of course Shannon's mom is totally out of the loop when it comes to Shannon's life...but all the same...I think you will be getting cold rice from her mom when you come to visit!
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Thats it, thats exactly how it went down. More hos on Wednesday, fuckers! Whiskey Zulu time, Pinche!
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Dec 22, 2004
Trivia, Pool and Stalkers Oh My!!!!
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Ok Ok Ok so its been a while. Not too much has happened since last i wrote though. Got my grades, almost finished the base for the patio, played some pool, and watched TV. Not exactly Blog worthy. But tonight...yeah good times, no great times. So the day started off pretty normal, i was awoken by a dog chewin on my ear. Damn mom for puttin her on my bed. So i git up and shower and we git a call from Ms Linda and she needs some x-rays for grandma, she was at the ER. So i take them to her, and stop for a delicious carmel shake there at the Jack in the Crack.....mmmmmm. So i git home and Mom wants to go have lunch. We go over to Las Palapas cuz i wanted the buffett. Damn it all to hell the buffett is only for dinner. So we eat and head home. I lounge around the house watch some TV and veg for a couple hours and then Jason calls. He is hangin with his folks down town to cheer on the Ohio Fuckeyes foosball team, remember what mama says bout that foosball. So when he got home i headed over and we went to the Windys. That Windy is good times. After eatin we headed over to the Quick Edwards. We played some of the most uhhhhh horrible pool ever. Jason wasnt doin to bad, but i played like shit. So after a few hours we took a break and went to play some trivia at the bar. We stopped off at the foosball tables and i reminded Jason of how much of a bitch he is...Ruth says yer my bitch! Anyways we play trivia for a while and Jason is cleanin up pretty good cuz i am totally illiterate when it happens! Out of no where old gilr just comes up and starts dry humpin Jason. Apparently she was at the bowlin alley and was headed over to the pool hall for an employee party, and this tweeker hops in too. So she told the tweeker that her boy friend was waitin for her there and when she got there she recognized Jason and latched on. She was suckin on his ear and rubbin him like a lamp. I was laffin my ass off. Long story short we got Sticky McVagrant distracted and Jason walked her out. WHo knows what went on in that parking lot, and PLEASE GOD PLEASE NEVER LET ANYONE KNOW! So jason has a permagrin for the rest of the night, and prolly tomorrow too! So thats story one, i will combine the rest into one. Fast Eddies IS the Judson Alumni meetin place. We meet the Americo and Mouton up there a few weeks ago, and have seen countless other former Rockets. Well why should tonight be any different? Not only did we see some chic Jason had in his Chem class, who was a TOTAL barfly, adn was up on anything in that bar with a dick, but we saw Brian Sengele or some shit like that, some one else and Kelly something or another from JROTC. She was a freshamn when we were seniors, and she dated Kevin Geiger. She was in the Air Force now and in town on leave. She was talkin bout Cliff Gonzalez comin up there and i would laffed up a teste if that had happened. The Nad called and is in town till the 30th i think so we will have to make time to see him and the new bebe. And thru all this, Jamus wasnt there... Did i miss anything Jason? I am sure you will let me know... 05:15

Dec 12, 2004
Schools out, schools out, teachers let the fo...fuck whens school start again!
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Goddamnit, i am already bored and cant wait for school to start again. Anyways, friday and saturday were good times. Dad and i built some washer boxes for my bro in law for christmas, i built a stand for our extension cord, and we started diggin in the garden again. We have bout 2 thirds dug out, and just have to git the rest done before we can git a truck load of sand and then start layin brick. Damn i cant wait to git this patio done. After that all we got to do is putt together the swing and were ready to tackle the backyard patio! good times Went and played some pool the other nite and got some f'n good breakfast tacos. Not too much elsegoin on. Just got these few projects to finish up, and tv to watch...check yall laterz.... TUTORIN IS OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TILL NEXT SEMESTER:( 22:17

Dec 6, 2004
I miss you too!!!!!!
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Well i would like to thank you RUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTTHHHHHHHHHH, for givin me something that i can truely love again. HA HA HA I MISS YOU! Yer F'n DONE Jason! Anyways. Not much goin on since last time. Been studyin and tutorin for finals. Found out that i aint gotta take me math final, so all i got is one on monday one on tuesday and one on wednesday. then i am done. Got a month off, and then back to skewl. Still not sure what i am goin to do with a month off. So Americo left town the other day. Jason and i met him up at the Whiskey Zulu his last night. Dude, shes a hooker, she aint worth it. Nuff said bout that. So he took off for Austin for a couple days. The Mouton is still outta town, the Jamus is still workin the weird hours, and Jason is well PUSSY WHIPPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HA HA HA HA HA...I MISS U TOO! What else...Played poker last night over at my Aunts house. I wasnt doin well, but then that greedy bitch friend of theirs that loves to give everyon a hard time showed up. Well i love pushin her buttons, and so did another guy that was there, we start pushin...and pushin and she lost 35 bucks in like 15 minutes. It was Awesome! I made most my money back and took off. Today i spent bout 6 hours tutorin and headed home and watched movies, the Ben Franklin special, and patton oswald show. Now i am cleanin up my desk and room a bit and then i am headed to bed. 00:06

Dec 1, 2004
Santa Fe.....See i can do it too......Wet Suit
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SO the last couple days ahve been...LONG! I wake up way to f'n early and gittin to bed wayyyyyyyyyy too late. I have been runnin some study groups, and well they are takin their toll. JEEZ, is math REALLY that hard? Guess so...whos knows. All i know is after monday and today, i dont want to study or tutor math for a while. What else is goin on...not too much the Aunt Sandy is finally startin to settle down and realize that this is her new home, and best of all she dont git the excited tinkles anymore. Dad bought the moms a new TV for their bedroom and i bought her a TV stand, so i put that together and hooked the VCR and cable and what not up to it. Thats bout it. Nice and Quiet. Jason has a new lil snootch, so perphaps he will stop all the whining...pee in her butt buddy, and think of me! HA HA HA! Git that shit outta yer head, ass. Anyways dads goin huntin this weekend, so we will have meat to process next week. Finals next week, and then i am on break for a month. What the F am i goin to do for a month? Oh well deal with it when it gits here. Thats all for this to u fawkers laterz.....take it sleazy.... 23:52

Nov 28, 2004
Vegitative State....
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Went spent most the day inside eating, doin math homework and eatin and eatin. I love leftovers. It always taste sooooooo much better the next day and the next day and the next day.... The turkey is juicer, the dressin is savorier, the pie...oh whos kiddin who, there aint no pie left...shhhhhiiiitttttt... So anyways woke up earlier than i wanted from a longer than expected night. Went out and met the Americo, Mouton, Tully and Jason Abney at the Tricky Dix pool hall. We played for a while and tried advisin the younger Abney on his future. After Jason took off, we headed over to the Hooligans to meet up with Johns sis. It was packed and smoky, but we played a game of cricket and then took off for the Duke's Roadhouse. My first time there, but it werent my scene. There were a lot of hotties but more notties. There was a big-ol-girl who had way to high self esteem dancin on a table. We laffed and laffed and laffed. She had to know everyone in that place was laffin at her, yet she still convulsed. Americo was tryin to hook up with one of moutons sis's friends and jason was doin his best to cock block. Mouton was gittin tired or pissed or something and took offand we left a lil after that. Drove the druck assed Jason and Americoback to git their cars and was subjected to the idiotic ramblings of drunks and the true emotions and feelins and what not....i wanted to gag, or roll the tracker. Brings me back today. Woke up, ate, did some math, ate, took a nap, ate, did some more math, ate, mowed a couple lawns, ate, watched some tv, ate, and did some more math, ate and now i am here...writin this blog and eatin a couple tamales....mmmmmmmm tamales.......... 01:40

Sandra Sanchez
You are getting Shannon's baby brother drunk! He has not graduated highschool so I KNOW he is NOT old enough to drink...then you are letting him drive....tell me this is only for comic value..
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Nov 25, 2004
Best 20 bucks I have ever spent!
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So Wednesday started out pretty normal. Got late cuz we stayed out late the night b4. Got to skewl and listeed to Abel babble on and on bout useless shyt. Hes is crunchin things down, throwin out projects like is kewl, but its all gravy. lots of people are pissed, and i dont see why? Its not like they have done most of the assignments anyways. Its just easier to git pissed bout something you havent done that it is to just do it i guess. Who knows. I finished up my power ponit on US Grant and turned it and my bibliography in and now just have to give the last speech and its all over. Ended up gittin all my classes ready and registered for next semester. A total of 18 hours. Takin: Pre-Cal, Spanish, Govt, TX Hist, Philosophy, and a Kine class. The Kine is raquetball, i am takin that and Govt with Jason, so it should be interesting. The whole V/A thing is really ignorant, but its one of those things i have to lay by their rules if i am going to play the game. I then got a call from one of the ladies i tutor. SHe told me that she made me a chocolate pecan pie to say thanks for the tutorin, so i had to go bay and pic that up. I got home and Dawna and Kevin and their beasties showed up. I talked Dawna into helpin me with the carpet cleaning. It turned out well, and we just have a lil bit left. I also went to the SAM's Club to pic a few things ups...JEEZ it was packed and it took me 3 hours to check out. I shoulda left, but i didnt undersatand why my sams credit card wasnt workin and the people there ath the store couldnt figure it out either. So fianlly they calledthe main office and the found out that i had an "outstanding balance" an that they couldnt help me in the store cuz it had been sent to collections. I was pissed! I asked how much was the balance cuz i havent used it since before i left for the gulf back in 2002. They told me and i just walked out. 37 cents......yes thats right THIRTY FUCKIN SEVEN CENTS! Thats not even real money. Like Sam Walton is goin to the broke house over my 37 cents. ridiculas. I git home pop some pills for the headache and start helpin my sis with the carpets. We git the whole house cept my room and moms tv room done. Me and mom make a lil goulash and fried green tomatoes we eat and i jump in the shower and head to the Hooligans to meet the Tully, Tang and Brown Kid. We hung out there for a drink and then headed to the Whiskey Zulu. The The Wild Zebra was f'n packed! We found a table at the back, but not b4 the Melanie Wells Saw us. She headed right to us, i juked and moved on and she caught John, then like a champ he pointed out Tully! It was awesome. She headed for him then she found the Americo. We sat down and she came over and we teased her and she got all pissy. She must be a South Pole Stripper. It was hilarious. The Jamus showed up and then i started plottin. I went to the head and found Her and paid her 20 bucks for 4 for each of the guys at the table. It rocked! She danced on Americo first and everyone was laffin, till i busted out that i got one for each of them. Good times! for me. I got one for the Jamus so he goes home smellin like stripper, but wheil she was dancin for him she spilt his beer all over him. So hes goin home to Amy smellin of beer and hooker. Great times! We stayed there till close and Americo got a number from a hooker, i mean striper the went to Judson...imagine that. We headed to the Jims and ate some breakfast. There much tom foolery there and we took off after that. Shannon told me to tell the Tang and Americo to go by her house cuz her folks wanted to see them, so you bitches better had gone! 18:30

Nov 21, 2004
Mysterious illness busted...Plan B
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ok so heres the readers digest of the last couple days...ate donuts, ate ice cream sundaes and ate vast quantities of choclate dessert at the Fridays. Between all that i went to school, watched a fight in speech class tween to chics, tutored a couple times, ate somemore, shot some pool, pissed off my grandmother, helped the lindsey move, ran into the mouton and americo castillo galdeano, and avoided the psycho chic and her whiney ass kid Thats the whole ball of wax, heres a few of the finer points. Jason and i went to the IHOP the other day and we ordered some food. Our server was really f'n good man. I hadnt had that kinda service since the old kettle...tear. Antways he was really good, we ordered sundaes and this guy brought us some huge ass ice cream monstrosities! they rocked. i love a story that ends in ice cream But thats not this story. I woke up saturady and had a voice message fro mthe lindsey. I called her back and welnt over and helped her move. It was good times...2 flights of stairs at the apartment and one in Taras house. I am for sure goin to be sore tomorrowz. We did pretty well, once we finally got the UHaul. Stuffed that bitch like like Melanie Tully, i mean Wells stuffed her bra. So we got the lindsey moved in over at the taras, that creepy assed elephant with the evil eye survived the trip....damnit I went home and passed out for a couple hours. Jason called and we wntout to the fridays for the super then met up with the Jamus at the Slick Willys, Willy Wankers, Tricky Dicks, Fast Eddies...what ever the joint is called. We played some pool for a few hours and on the way out someone called Jasons name. We all turn around and there was a lil brown kid from thepast. Ends up him and Mouton were enjoyin some drinky treats there and Mouton saw us leavin. So we stayed there until close, i wish i could say catchin up, but we just sat there and made fun of each other and draggin up the past. Whoda thunk it? Oh well no big surprise. Old boys in town for a week or something so i am sure we will hang out again. Until then, salud Americo welcome home, and "BULL-DIE". MAth and English tomorrow. I got alot of math to catch up on. Havent done any homework in a few days so i got to git on the ball b4 the tutorin starts fro the next test and the final. till next time smell u bitches lata.... i want to pee in posh spice's butt..... 03:45

Nov 16, 2004
Beware the angery elf....
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Elf rocks out with his cock out and hangs out with his wang out. F'n awesome movie. I went and bought it today and watched it for the first time....Genius, pure Genius....John Favreau is a god....More bout that laterz

Aunt Sandy woke me up again this mornin by jumpin on my face and chewin my nose. Shes a killer alarm clock. So i got to math and its amazing how many people have dropped it. I would guess between a third and half have dropped. All thats left is the old folks like me. We might not understand everything, but we stick it out, not like these like bitches. Most would have a 100 in the class it they decided to show up, and stay awake when they do make it ot class. Pisses me off, and i dont know why. Wasted potential i guess. I figured out that i have been slackin a bit too much in math too. I havent been doin all the homework, and well there is only one more class before our test. its still two weeks, so i have time to study, but only one class session. I will be doin lotsa math over the Thanksgivin break.

Got outta class and talked to El Hassan for a while. He F'n rocks, and is only teachin 0300's and Business Cal next semester. Sucks, i will prolly be takin analytic geometry or some shit, thats the other thing. the North East Campus and St Phillips course books are out for the spring semester, so i got to figure out what i am takin next semester. Right now i am thinkin a history or two, a math, an english, a govt or econ and maybe a kine class, either golf, tennis, yoga or conditioning for fitness. I just need something regimented to git me back in a shape other than oval.... I also want more of a challange this last semester presented.

SO after class i went and bought the Elf. Got home and the moms called and wanted to eat lunch over at the macaronni grill. Good times everytime! I had a penne chicken marsala pasta bowl. F N A! So after i filled up there, talked to the Jason and Jamus and they headed over and we watched that wacky Will Ferrell giggle and laffed like little girls we did. That movie rocked. Now lets keep this shit simi-real bitch, it aint no dodgeball, buit its up there, way up there. After the movie we had a lil time before Jamus had his hair and nail appointment. What a chick. I think he got a wax today also so he would be nice and smooth for his sugar daddy...Amy dont like her bitches with big bushes. Ha Ha Ha that sick, but funny....

So after Jamus left jason took off and i worked a lil on an english paper that was due in bout an hour. No big deal my eng prof is kewl, and well its a gay class and he knows it. So its all good i wrote the paragraph he wanted in class and it was all good. Old girl in there was funny she was askin all these off the wall questions...If i knew she wasnt in the Army i would think she was a major stoner. Its all good shes cute and can git away with bein ditzy.

So after class Jason called and wanted to go to the Papa Dantes. We headed up there and had Dean's snausage and he had some baked ziti or penne or something...It came down a gully washer while we were there..f'n cats and mofo dogs yo. Inclimate weather or not, we stuck it our for some hella good dessert! He had a slice of nasty ass german chocolate and rocked the chocolate chip mania chocolate cake. Goddman rich! i prolly wont sleep for a week it had so much sugary goodness in it. We as much as it pained us both we took off and headed home. Dropped him off and headed home where i sit now, fat, happy and nekid....i mean uhhhyeah anyways whats it too ya....ELF RULEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sandra Sanchez
you realize that your English is only a step away from making you sound like the WATERBOY... I hope you entertain your English teacher as much as you are entertaining me! There is lots of wasted potential in college. Going after you have grown up a bit does make you recogonize that allot more than if you had gone straight out of highschool. However, if you had gone straight out of may be skipping too!
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Haven't seen the movie yet....but i'll take your word for it. I miss Macaroni grill tho..mmm :) Oh yeah so if your in the neighborhood....i just decided yesterday that im driving to florida on friday :) come visit!!!! :P
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James White
Hello, Buddy the Elf. What's your favorite color?
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Nov 14, 2004
Mall Rats
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So today was a bucket o fuckin sunshine. Got up and went out to the cold wet flea market and we gave what we had away. Just come and take it kinda thing. It was all crap anyways, all the good stuff was gone. So we ened up makin close to a grand, so it was worth it. After that i had to go tutor. Jeez what an experience, were talkin whoa....i tutored for a coule 3 hours and headed home. Got home and wanted to nap, but was hungry. Call the Jason up and we headed to the Papa Dante's for Sinatra's Ballz and Martins snausage. Dantes is CLOSED on Sundays and Mondays, Thanks Jason....a-hole. So we ended up drivin out the the rollin oaks and eating cookies and pretzels and candy and pizza and whatever else we could find. It is NOT healthy behavior, but hell what else was there to do. So we walked the mall and stared at WAY underage girls....where is our demographic? Where are the mid 20, loserish, student, non workin, Star Wars girls hangin out? Jeez is it really so hard to find? Anyways, the cookies and carmel dippin sauce made it all ok, thank goodness to supressin misery with junk food. SO now i am home, i shall spend the rest of the evenin on here wallowin in boredom.

So anyways, new week, new probs, and new shyt to put up with. 3 more weeks and then winter break...i cant wait, but sure i will be ready for school to start angain soon. Well anyways i am out for now...


Justin Sadler
Risk did i hear Risk? I am the Red Army!
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Nov 14, 2004
Bright Lights, Big City

Ah yes thank you for a wonderful reminder of bein single. Bein home before midnight, alone, and gittin online...But i am thankful.

I spent most my day out at the flea market. We did really well i think, we raised between 5 and 7 hundred bucks...I wasnt sure i wasnt holdin the cash, i was just wheelin and dealin. Anyways, it was a cold mofo, we had a booth on the North side of the grounds and the wind didnt let up. It was over cast and crappy all day. The "regulars" say Sundays are always better, but we are expectin rain tomorrow. Who knows. I bought some throwin knives from a guy there and kinda talked him into a deal to take whatever we have let over for like 25 or 50 bucks. We will see tomorrow, other wise its all goin to good will. So we shut down the booth round 4ish and headed home, to a nice big pot of home-made soup. Much love to the moms for fixin supper wilst we was out. It was really good too. I had like 3 bowls and dad poured 3, but the doggy ate most of the third. Anyways, we put a dent in that pot of soup, it aint lastin the rest of the wekend.... So with my belly full, and bein up and at the flea market since 6ish, i was ready for a nappy treat. Good times till the Aunt Sandy came in and started chewin on my nose. That lil dog is too much! SO i gots up got on line and called the costello to my abbott or vise versa and we decided to go git some chow and shoot some pool. We ended up at the TC on Nacodoges rd, and were profiled as salsa cup theives. Not really but it was funny at the time. We ate our greasy ass gassy food and headed over to the Brunswick, cuz its Saturday and the Copper Dollar had a band and it was packed. We sat and chilled wit h the Maria for a while tryin to git the Ladyfingers on the fone. Got ahold of her and split for the Tricky Dicks for some pool. Played pool for a while, Jamus showed up stayed for like 30 seconds and took off.


Sandra Sanchez
what the hell are you selling at the flea market....pieces of Jason's new kidney?
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Nov 12, 2004
Donuts make everything OK.....
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So i decided to go to class. It sucked the ass. Went to lunch with Jason over at the Papa Dante's. It is my new favorite resturant. It F'n rocked! I had the Italian War Hero samich, and he had the Dean Martin, which is Deano's hot snausage on a samich. They were awesome. So now i am fat and happy, my dad gits home early and we go over to the storage bin and load up all the crap for the garage sale/swap meet thing. Long story short....The family is raising money for my cousins family. She married an INS trooper. Good guy, was commissioned in the Army, got out when they married gt on with INS, has two small daughters, she teaches. Nice life, until he got railroaded a yr ago and got thrown in fed lock up. It was one of those "civil rights" cases, where an illegal has more rights that we do. This illegal resists arrest, gits ruffed up and dies 3 months later of a PRE-EXISTING heart condidtion. My cousins hubby wasnt even in the room with this guy, he was on the bust, but had 2 other guys in custody...never even saw the guy. Just one of those election year things that some democratic way left judge needed to show that they supported the minoritys. So we are raisin money for airfair and what not so she and the girls can go visit. Ok anyways, we got that loaded up came home and i got bored. Called Jason up and we played washers for a few hours.Went over to the flea market and dropped the crap off round 530, and then came home. We got a hankerin for donuts and went and got hella donuts. 36 F"N donuts! We eacha ate 3 in the shop and i bought 18 more and Jason bought 6 more... Donuts fix does vast quantities of lube....


Nov 11, 2004
Happy Birthday Marines....Semper Fidelis

Yes Happy Birthday indeed...229 yrs and still kickin ass! Heres to those who served before us, those who will serve after us, and to those who never came home....your sacrifices will never be forgoten.

So skipped class today. Thinkin bout doin the same tomorrow, but who knows. Figured we would have off for Veterans Day, kinda "F"ed up if ya ask me. But they didnt so....NEXT! Went to supper over at the Pompei Grill with James and his wifie so celebrate the Birthday. Good Chow. He had to go to work, so we just ate and they took off. I went to the Wal Mart to waste a hundred and fifty bucks on crapity crap crap. Well thats bout it. I need to call the Nad and wish him a happy Birthday, i forgot. I got to tutor on Sunday. I got yards on Friday, and need to git the rest of the garden cleaned out. It is goin to rock hard to git that patio put in. I need to steam clean the carpets too. maybe tomorrowish... Well thats all for tonight. I am out. Yall taker sleazy.......

Nov 2, 2004
Mr Bush for another 4 yrs...
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Election Day...good times...why do they do the whole projection thing? Damn just announce when there is a winner...Anyways. Lets try to put some shit in that got erased yesterday, but first Democrats and Red Sox can suck my left nut....ok...i feel better now grandmother is a whack job. She lost her second husband a few months ago, and after that she said she wanted a dog for company. So we got her a cute lil yorkshire terrior/schnauzer mix. Great lil dog. Well she then decided to join the work force again. Not only that, but her job is out near Seguin on I-10. So she work 5 days a week, and goes to church like 4 or 5 nites aweek. Poor lil Sandy was stayin locked up in the kitchen all that time. She was lonely. So when she started chewin on things, Nanaw flipped out and called us and told us she was takin her to the pound. We lost it, and told her we would take her even though it is WAY too soon since Scruffy. So now we have another dog. School sux nutz, but theres only a month left in the semester. I hope i NEVER have such easy classes again. English is so boring not sure i am really learning anything, but i know what the prof is lookin for and so thats what i write. Speech is a joke, i have gottin into it wit hthe prof so many times. Just a joke. Computers is ok i suppose just a refresher class really, just workin on the microsoft office suite, word, excel power point and access. Had to learn all those in the Corps so i am done with all the work, just waitin to take the tests. That brings us to Math. Its still slow compared to the way Sounny taught, but hey theres only one El Hassan! i have been tutorin alot, and it helps me learn too. I just wish i was helpin. I say that, most all the tuties are passin, but i want them to ace the tests ya know. All they want is a passin grade. Oh well. Found out i aced the second test too, so that stoked me Well thats it for tonight, hope all is well and God Bless the Republican Party and President Bush! Semper Fi Sir.... 22:17

Nov 1, 2004
tryin again...
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Fuck me runnin, i hate myspace sometimes...i just wrote for the past like 20 minutes and myspace ate it up...i will try again tomorrow late 23:32

i sorry :( next time don't wait till you have 20 pages worth to say ;)
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Oct 20, 2004
Rest in Peace Scruff

Today, Oct 20th, at 430, Scruffy will be joining Copper Dog and Bandera. We will be burying her in the backyard between the lil house and the shed. She will have her bed, pillow, blanket and a few pictures. I love ya and miss ya already. You were the best dawg ever. Thank you for finding us. I just took my bulletin and reposted it as this blog... :sad::sad::sad::sad::sad::sad::sad::sad::sad::sad::sad::sad::sad::sad::sad::sad::sad::sad::sad::sad::sad::sad::sad::sad::sad::sad::sad::sad::sad::sad: 22:53

Sandra Sanchez
I am sorry about your dog. My Ashley is turning 10 next year and anytime I think about her time coming it makes me so sad. Even when she does pee on the carpet if you turn your back on her...I still love her. I know I will mourn her death...but I will make myself feel better with new carpet!
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